9 Spring Essentials For Toddler Boys

Spring is in the air and today I'm excited to share 8 spring essentials for toddler boys. Each spring I take Atlas to get a couple new outfits and we always gravitate toward bright colors and easy prints. Our spring essentials list for toddler boys revolves around pieces that are affordable and can be worn often.

Why I'm Going to Embrace Being Needed In The New Year + Favorite Posts of 2016

When I was young, single and new to adult life I always looked forward to each new year that came. It meant new opportunities, a fresh start and getting closer to my goals like finishing school, starting my career and making a decent income!  I have recently been thinking of what I'm most looking forward to for 2017, and although there are several things to be excited about, the truth is I'm actually not looking forward to a new year!