Hello and welcome!  My name is Nichole Rae and this space is where I share the Texas adventures I take with my son while sharing fashion inspiration for moms and toddler boys.  Our blog revolves around the idea of incorporating a toddler into your lifestyle and covers things to do, see and explore in Texas with kids. We may also post about the adventures we take outside of Texas including our getaways to the many beautiful places around Texas! You can also find posts about mom and toddler fashion, DIY projects, home decor and our holiday's at home. 

Being a new mom has been the most challenging yet gratifying event of my life, and I want to share the joys and struggles of motherhood with you.  Please join me as I share The Titan Adventures we take in Texas and Beyond. 

With Love, 

Nichole Rae


1. How did you decide on your blog name? 

When choosing a name for this blog I focused on the meaning behind it, my adventures with my son Atlas. For you to understand why I picked the name 'The Titan Adventures' you have to first understand the origin of my son's name 'Atlas'.  We came across the name 'Atlas' in a Greek Mythology book and here is the name's story. In Classical Greek Mythology, the Titans were giants of great strength who ruled the earth during the legendary golden age. Among them was Atlas, leader of the Titan army during the war with the Olympian gods. After losing the war, Zeus condemned Atlas to an eternal lifetime of holding up the heavens on his shoulders. In today's culture we see status and symbols of this titan, Atlas, everywhere. He is the statue of the man holding up the earth on his shoulders. Although it's not a very happy story, we fell in love the with strength and uniqueness of the name 'Atlas' for our son! Something we did not anticipate, was how our son would hold true to the origin of his Greek name. Born on Earth Day, April 22nd, the name Atlas fits him perfectly.  Just as the Titans were giants of great strength ruling the Earth, our little Atlas Gray shapes the world around us. So when deciding on a name for this blog, I chose 'The Titan Adventures' for obvious reasons! I think it describes our adventures perfectly and am glad it is so closely related to what's most important in my life, the little titan, Mr. Atlas Gray.

2. When you refer to the little titan, what do you mean? 

When I refer to the little titan and I am talking about my son, titan of our household! He has many Titan like strengths including the ability to climb on tables, dump over houseplants, and blow a wind storm through his bedroom.  He also has the power to wrap you around his little finger, and melt your heart with an "I love you" moment! He's the cutest little Titan and the reason for our story and The Titan Adventures. 

3. Are you originally from Texas? 

Well, I was born in California and moved to Texas when I turned 4. I spent my childhood in north Houston and once I graduated from high school I moved to Denton, TX in DFW to attend school at the University of North Texas. I lived in the DFW area for about 6 years, graduated with a merchandising degree, worked in corporate retail, found my husband and then got married. Once we had our son, I realized the importance of needing help when raising a child and we quickly moved back to Houston. Texas is our home and we love this state! 


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