12 Beach Getaway Must Haves

12 Beach Getaway Must Haves

12 Beach Getaway Must Haves for Women

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We are planning our first out of state family getaway to Destin, Florida this coming September in celebration of my husband's graduation and the trip couldn't come any faster. I have been to the beaches in California, but I have never seen the white beaches of Florida and I am so excited as I've heard they are so beautiful! Our last beach experience with Atlas was last year in Corpus Christi, Texas and he wasn't a fan of the sand or the water. Keeping that in mind I'm not sure how much time we will be spending on the beach, but we did find a nice resort through Book-it that we are excited to relax at. Have you guys ever used Book-it? My sister-in law recommended it as it allows you to make payments towards your trips which I thought was amazing! The payments come right out of our bank account and keeps me from having to set aside money each month to prepare for our trip. They have some great deals and I see a trip to Cancun in our near future! 

In preparation for our trip I am in need of some new beach essentials and so with the Shopbop Summer Sale going on I thought I'd share some of my top picks with you guys. I asked my husband the other day what colors he likes best on me, mostly because he had previously complained about this mint swim suit I was going to wear the other day. He told me mint washes me out because of my light completion! Ugh, don't you hate when you love a color but it doesn't look good on you? I have this problem way to often! I remember one year I went to Chicago and wore these pale pink pants, and in all of my photos it looked like I wasn't wearing pants. Haha, but not really, it was really embarrassing! So to get back on track, I asked my husband what colors he likes best on me and he told me Black and Hot Pink. Hot pink? I never think about wearing this color because I feel like it clashes with my hair. Yes I have to worry about my skin tone clashing and my hair clashing, can I get a break please! Anyways, he said yes I love when you wear bright pink, which honestly I don't ever remember wearing this color so I don't really know where he got that from, but okay.  

My top picks from the Shopbop sale today are based on a black and pink color palette because I want to try out his suggestion. I am naturally drawn to whites and lighter colors, but I need to realize that color palette doesn't work for me. I can still do white but I need to add pops of color into my outfits so I don't get lost, as my husband says! I am excited to wear more black, because he is right, I do look good in black, Haha! I just don't wear it enough and need to add more black essentials to my wardrobe. I am totally in love with this bow front black one-piece swim suit! I want it so badly even though it is a little more than I would normally spend on a swim-suit. I will have to sweet talk my husband to get this one because it is a must! I love the cut out design in the front, but I also love that it gives me some coverage as well. I am also crushing on these Kate Spade parrot earrings for our trip. Aren't they adorable! I also love this straw beach tote which I would use all summer long. My husband was actually complaining that we didn't have a beach tote the other day, haha he can be so cute sometimes! He picks up on the funniest details. 

Use code DESIGNER25 to save 25% on my Shopbop picks at checkout! The sale ends tonight at 12:00 pm so don't delay. Are you planning any fun end of summer trips this season? I would love to know where your headed in the comments below! 

Until our next adventure, 

Nichole Rae 


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