15 Christmas Gifts for the Newbie Mom Blogger

15 Christmas Gifts for the Newbie Mom Blogger

5-in-1 Photo Reflector |  wireless remote |Womens Red Hunter Boots | Toddler Red Hunter Boots | All In Good Taste Book | Black Cat Eye Sunglasses | This Is The Life Mug | Your Best Year Productivity Workbook 

Lighting Kit | Stila All Day Lipstick | Pink Rose Sweatshirt |  Teeth Whitening Kit | Rose Gold Mesh Watch | Nikon DSLR 3300 | Blog Inc. | Rose Gold Mesh Watch

Welcome to November everyone! I can hardly believe it's almost Christmas time, but it finally hit me last week when my parents asked me for a Christmas list. Yikes! When putting together my list, I always try to think of my true wants because there are only limited times throughout the year when I actually get something I want for myself.

I started The Titan Adventures in April of 2014, and although that seems like a long time I still consider myself a newbie mom blogger. There are still so many things I have to learn about blogging, and I could use several blogging essentials to continue improving the content I write. Being a blogger is fun, but it's also hard work and requires a lot of attention to detail to write the perfect post! I have put together a list of 15 Christmas Gifts For The Newbie Mom Blogger that I hope my fellow mom blogger pals can utilize. Several items from this list are on our my own personal wish list, and I hope it serves you well. I also hope the mom bloggers out there don't forget to treat themselves to a special something this Christmas season. 

1. Photography Photo Reflector - First on my list is a photo reflector for flat lays and product photography for sponsored posts. I have learned that being a blogger requires having all of the proper photography equipment and I want to build my equipment supply. I am going with this one from amazon because it is a 5 in 1 photo reflector with white, gold, black, translucent and silver. It is also collapsible for easy transport. 

2. A Wireless Remote- If you are planning on taking any full body family selfies I recommend a wireless remote . It allows you to remotely snap photos which is much easier then going back and forth to set the timer on the camera! I have this one and I love it, it's super simple to use. We use it for our fashion posts and family photos! 

3. Mom and Toddler Hunter Rain Boots- First on the list is a matching pair of Hunter rain boots for Atlas and I . We are both due for a set of new rain boots and I have wanted a pair of Hunter rain boots since I started following all of the big fashion bloggers. I had a hard time deciding on which color, but we are going with red! It's bright, cheerful and perfect for the winter months.   Womens Red Hunter Boots | Toddler Red Hunter Boots 

4. Styling Books- With blogging comes styling photo shoots, flat lays, outfits and everything in between. I have a couple styling books on my list for Christmas including Love Style LifeKate Spade All In Good Taste and Lauren Conrad Style

5. A Chic Pair of Sunglasses- Every blogger needs a chic pair of sunglasses and I am loving these black DVF cat eye sunglasses. If you are looking for a more budget friendly option I also love thesethese and these

6. Memory Hard-Drive- As a mom blogger you will be taking so many photos of your sweet kiddos and will need a memory hard drive for your photos. I have this Toshiba Canvio Connect and it is super simple to use. 

7. A Cute Mug- A cute mug is essential for morning Instagram pictures and I still don't really have one. I love the 'This Is The Life' mug by Kate Spade and it is one of my favorites on my Christmas List. What a perfect saying for a mom blogger because 'This Is The Life'. 

8. Your Best Year 2017 Productivity Workbook- This planner is on the top of my list because I need some serious help with productivity and planning. It is an online business planner, with worksheets and strategies built in to make 2017 your most productive year ever. 

9. Lighting Kit- I am always wanting to take photos inside our house, however the natural light is very limited. To up my photography game I have this lighting kit on my Christmas wish list. I know absolutely nothing about light kits but this one from Amazon has received 4.5 out of 5 reviews. I read several of them and based on their comments I believe this kit is exactly what I need. 

10. All Day Lipstick- As a blogger mom you must always be ready to snap a selfie with your little one, and a little lipstick can go a long way. I love this Stila All Day Lipstick because it is easy to apply and lasts all day long. 

11. Graphic T-Shirt- Graphic Tees are a favorite among bloggers because they are great photo opps for Instagram and allow you to express your mood for the day.  I love the graphic t-shirts from Forever 21 and I am asking for a couple this Christmas. I love this Pink Rose Sweatshirt and I'm also pretty sure my son would love this Buzz Worthy

12. A Teeth Whitening Kit- If you plan on getting in front of the camera a lot, I recommend a professional at home teeth whitening kit to brighten those pearly whites! I have personally used and love Smile Brilliant's At Home Teeth Whitening Kits. I plan on sharing a full blog post review of the product coming soon. 

13. Nikon DSLR Camera Set- My husband got me Nikon DSLR Camera set for my birthday last year and it was my first official DSLR as a newby blogger. I absolutely  love it and if your asking for your first camera this Christmas I definitely recommend the Nikon D3300. If you want all the accessories to go with it, you should also ask for an accessory bundle kit . This one is only $59.99. 

14. Blogging Books- There are several blogging books I recommend, such as Blog Inc. , How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul, and Blogging For Dummies

15. A Classic Watch- Pretty and classic watches are perfect for wrist shots and flat lays. I have this pink Cluse watch and this year I am asking for the Rose Gold mesh version. I would also like to have the black strap to change out the pink one, but that's probably pushing it too much. 

Thank completes my Christmas list essentials for the newbie mom blogger! If you are a mom blogger what is on the top of your Christmas list to help improve your blog game? Share with us in the comments section below. Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!

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