Easy DIY Fall Cabbage Flower Pots

Hello all, and thanks for reading The Titan Adventures. Today we are featuring tips for creating these beautiful fall pots for a patio or backyard hang-out. They are super easy, inexpensive and should last you through the winter. Our trip to Gruene, TX this month inspired me to plant some fall pots with ornamental cabbage and fall colors. The flower beds in Gruene were filled with ornamental cabbage, which I though was so lovely. In hopes of bringing some of Gruene back home with us,  Atlas and I picked up two cabbages from Lowe's and then chose some filler plants to create some nice fall pots. I don't have an amazing green thumb, but I am trying to learn more about growing & gardening. I prefer to plant flowers in pots, because I can move them to various places around our house like the front patio or Atlas's picnic table in the backyard. Plus, I can easily change them out each season and it is fun to create something different twice a year.  You can create two of these pots for about $30.00, perhaps less if you already have pots hanging around.

One of my favorite memories as a child was planting flowers with my parents, so I always try to recruit Atlas as my little helper for gardening projects.  You can have your toddler help in many ways such as toting plants from one spot to another. Atlas has a yellow dump truck that he likes to push around, so I just filled it will plants and he helped me move from pot to pot. We also put our leftover flowers in the flower bed in front of our house, so his little dump truck was very useful. I also have our little titan help by putting the flowers in the holes once I get them all dug. He likes to get his hands in the soil and then smell each one of the flowers. It is so neat to watch a little one enjoy something as simple as planting flowers. See our steps for creating these easy fall pots as a fun weekend project with your little titans. 

8 Simple Steps to Create Your Fall Flower Pots: 

1. Determine if you have pots you can use at home, and if not pick some up on your trip to get flowers. I like to buy pots from The Dollar Tree. You can get either clay pots or plastic for just $1.00 which is a great buy.

2. Decide on a color palette. I wanted my fall flower pots to transition well from fall into winter and to also go with my Christmas decorations. I chose to go with red and burgundy, but white and red would be just as beautiful with your cabbage. 

3. Select your flowers. I think it's best to chose at least three different flowers for your pots, and I like to select plants with different heights.  When selecting your plants, it's important to keep in mind lighting and watering conditions each plant requires. You will want to select plants that have the same requirements of sun and water so they all thrive together.  For these pots we are first staring with our ornamental cabbage, and then I selected pennisetum fireworks, a red firegrass, and burgundy pansies as my filler plants. I also added some red dianthuses to give some more red coloring. The cabbage is my medium height plant, while firework grass is my tall height plant, and the pansies and dianthuses are my short height plants. All of these plants require full sun and low water, making them a perfect for one another. For these pots I purchased two cabbages, one pennisetum firework, a six pack of pansies and a six pack of dianthuses. 

4. Pick up some gardening soil if you do not already have any at home. I also like to use Epsom Salt as my fertilizer which can be found in the pharmacy department at any local grocery store. Epsom salt is normally used to soothe sore muscles in a hot bath, but it is also a great fertilizer for gardening. Epsom salt makes the primary nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium more effective, all you do is sprinkle it around your houseplants or flowers once a week. I have also tried adding about 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt to my watering can weekly, and I find it to be just as effective. 

5. Now that you have all of your supplies, get home and change into some gardening clothes! You will start by filling your pots about half way full of soil. I then like to take all of my flowers out of the pots before I start planting. This makes it easier for me to style each pot and decide where I want to place each flower. During this step you will want to separate your firework grass into sections, so you can use it for multiple pots. I separated mine into about 5 different pieces, allowing me to use it in my two larger pots and in some of my smaller pots around the patio. All you do is take it out of its pot and then start to separate into sections at the root of the plant. Be gentle, but the roots on this plant are pretty sturdy. 

6. Now its time to start planting. Sprinkle in about 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt into the soil and then go for it. I recommend starting with the cabbage because as it is the longest in width it will take up the most space. I set my cabbage to one side of the pot, and then I planted my firework grass next to the cabbage close to the edge of the pot.  From there I added my pansies and dianthuses, making sure to fill any holes. It's really quiet simple once you get started and a lot of fun. Don't forget to include your little titan's, they will love getting all dirty!  

7. Fill in any additional soil needed to pack your pots nice and tight. From here you are complete! Pick a pretty corner on your patio to put your pots. Make sure it is a corner that gets enough light as all of your plants require full sun. 

8. Use some of your left over flowers for some smaller pots around you patio! Then its time to sit back and enjoy! 

That concludes our tips for creating an easy fall cabbage flower pot! I hope you enjoy your weekend, and let me know if you have any gardening tips we can follow to improve our green thumbs here on The Titan Adventures! What are some of your favorite fall flowers to plant this fall? 

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