Gift Wrapping With Star Wars Paper

This past week while Christmas shopping my husband informed me that if I were a cool wife, I'd wrap his gifts in Star Wars wrapping paper. Well since I'm determined to be a 'cool wife' I have accepted the challenge of wrapping with Star Wars paper, even though it's really not my style. Something I've learned from our marriage is that we are completely different in so many ways. As much as I wish we had the same taste, our differences keep things interesting.  In honor of the new Star Wars movie releasing today I'm sharing my tips for wrapping with this Star Wars paper from Amazon

Star Wars Wrapping Paper

1. Keep it simple with white name tags- Since this wrapping paper is already so busy I decided to keep my ribbon, tags, and trimming simple. I cut out a simple square name tag and used my favorite black marker by Recollections from Michael's to write out the recipients name. I'm using a super cute tree paper clip I found at the dollar section of Target to secure the name tag onto a piece of white twin. 

2. Add berries- Add red fresh berries to your packages for a little extra detail. I found mine at Trader Joe's in the floral section. I'll keep you updated as to how long they stay fresh looking. This is my first time to use berries on my packages. 

3. Use ornaments as decor- I'm using some green ornaments to add some shine and extra glitter, because it just isn't Christmas without it. String them onto some simple twin and your good to go! You can also add a Star Wars ornament to gift to keep in theme!  Instead of attaching your name tags with ugly regular tape, using decorative washi tape! 

4. Use Red Ribbon & Gold Bows- Stick with your color pattern with red ribbon and gold bows! I got my large gold bows at The Dollar Tree for 2 for $1.00! Perfect buy! 

Wrapping with Ornaments
Star Wars Wrapping Paper
Star Wars Ornaments
Star War Wrapping Paper

That completes my tips for wrapping with Star Wars wrapping paper! So, how many of you are going to see the release of the movie today? My husband has had tickets for weeks now! I'll be standing in line at Star Cinema Grill! Happy wrapping and may the force be with you! 

Until our next adventure, 

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