Creating Christmas Traditions: Tradition #1

Creating Christmas Traditions: Tradition #1

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It's official, I love sharing this time of year with my son! Everything is so exciting for him, and it makes the holiday's even more enjoyable for me as a new mom! Our Christmas lights are hung and when we got home from our Ft. Worth Thanksgiving on Saturday, Daddy got the tree down for us to decorate. Atlas is the perfect helper for decorating the tree! I no longer have to bend over to fill the lower half! He's got it covered! Haha. He is two this year and comprehending more of what's going on around him, and so it's like he's experiencing Christmas for the first time! Could you imagine experiencing Christmas lights, hot chocolate and holiday movies for the first time? Sometimes I wish I could remember being two years old and  experience that level of excitement again!  I'd give my parents a big hug and thank them over and over for creating such special holidays for me and my siblings! Thinking back to when I was a child we always had certain family traditions we did each year. Now that our little family is growing, my husband and I are trying to create holiday traditions of our own.  So follow us this month for some new traditions we are creating while we celebrate the Christmas season! 

Tradition #1- Decorate the Christmas tree with Papa Johns pizza and Home Alone

Traditions should include the things you love most! We love old holiday movies and Home Alone is one of our favorites, especially for my husband. He watches Home Alone even when it's not Christmas time! We also love Papa John's pizza, especially on a busy night when no food is in the house! Saturday was a perfect night for pizza, Home Alone and Christmas tree decorating, and so a new tradition was created! Christmas tree decorating with Papa Johns and Home Alone! Please excuse our cords hanging from the TV, we haven't gotten that figured out yet. Maybe I need to hide them with a plant! 

Stay tuned this week and next to follow our 'Creating Christmas Traditions' series! Let us know in the comments section below some of your favorite Christmas traditions. Happy December and Merry Christmas Countdown! 

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