How To Throw A Gingerbread House Making Party

Today I am sharing a really simple tutorial for throwing your own Gingerbread House Making Party. This is a new family tradition that we started hosting at our house and it has become one of my favorite family activities for Christmas.  I hope you get the chance to host your own party and here are a couple of my tips for hosting an easy gingerbread house party with your family. 

1. Buy a gingerbread house making kit- I prefer the gingerbread house kits that have several houses to create a village. I purchased this village from Amazon which already had the houses, icing, and candy for decorating included. The kit came with five houses, which was perfect for my group of eight people. We just paired up into teams, which made it more fun anyway! 

2. Make some extra icing bags- I made 4 extra icing bags out of zip-locks and one tub of pre-made cream cheese icing that I picked up at the store. Super easy, and worth it so your family isn't sharing one icing bag during the party. 

3. Set your candy out in festive bowls- I grabbed turquoise & clear bowls from around the house to display my candy out as a party of my tablescape! I also grabbed a variety of sprinkles from our baking cupboard and candy-canes for some extra decorating materials. 

4. Set out some appetizers and sweets- I know my family likes to nibble and eat, so to keep everyone from eating the candy I set out a cheese tray and some Christmas sweets! I love to pick up festive cookies and treats from Trader Joes, they always have the best treats for each holiday season! 

5. Cover your table in brown craft paper for easy clean up- I bought a roll of craft paper and had my husband help me cover my table from edge to edge. This allowed me to literally just pick up the craft paper after the party and throw away! I'm all for easy clean up! 

That completes my tips for creating a simple and fun gingerbread house making party! Hosting a party would be tons of fun to do for Christmas eve and you still have time to pick up a kit from the store! Be sure to look for little Atlas is the photo's below, he is always sneaking into my photos and it's hilarious! 

Merry Christmas and I hope you all have an enjoyable break!  I counted three times where Atlas showed up in my photos! How many did you catch?

Until our next adventure, 

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A Very Merry Christmas 2015

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