A DIY Advent Calendar For Toddlers + 10 Store Options

DIY Advent Calendar For Toddlers

Happy December and I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season as much as I am! We made this advent calendar last Christmas to help Atlas work on counting his numbers, and we are planning on making another this year. Each morning last year Atlas and I would count down the days left till Christmas and mark off each day that passes! This calendar also helps Atlas practice his motor skills by learning to place a piece of red tape across each number in a straight line. If you are not a DIYer I have also picked some of my favorite advent calendars you can purchase online at the end of this post. 

Christmas Advent Calendar

To create this advent calendar you will need the following materials: 

White Craft Paper
Black Marker
White Sewing Thread
Multi Colored Pom Poms 
Sewing Needle
Black & White Washi Tape
Red Washi Tape

Follow these easy steps to create this advent calendar: 

1. Find a blank wall space in your home to hang the advent calendar. 
2. Roll out your white wrapping paper and cut a straight line at  4 ft. 
3. Hang your sheet of white paper on the wall and secure with your black and white washi tape at each corner. I eventually had to secure with some black tacks, because the washi tape would just not stick to the wall. I think this is because my tape was old, but if you buy some fresh tape it should stay up well. 
4. Trace out your Christmas Tree with a pencil and ruler until you are happy with the shape you create. Leave some room for you to name your advent calendar if you want, I just put "Christmas Countdown" on top of mine! 
5. Once you get your tree shape drawn in pencil, start from the top and count back your numbers until you get to December 1st. 
6. Once you get your numbers written out in the placement you like, go back over everything with a black marker.
7. Now that the base of your tree is complete add some color with a garland made from pom poms. You simply just take a sewing needle and white sewing thread, and strand each pom pom with about 1/2" of space between each ball on the thread. Literally takes 5 minutes to make. I love using pom pom garlands all over the house. 
8. I wanted to make Christmas Day (Dec. 25th) stand out, so I covered my original drawn number with a paper gift card holder I got from A Pear of Freckles last year. I just folded the gift card holder in half and glued it over the original written number. 
9. Use your red washi tape to mark out the days past, and then that's it your done. 

Now take a couple minutes each morning to work on counting with your little one! Atlas gets so excited and likes to put the tape over the numbers. 

Christmas Advent Calendar
DIY Advent Calendar For Toddlers

That completes my tutorial for creating a simple toddler advent calendar! I hope you and your little ones get to create one this December! If you are not a fan of DIY here are 10 of my favorite advent calendars for toddlers all at different price points. I wish you all a blessed Christmas season and thanks for stopping by! 

10 Advent Calendars For Toddlers

1. Melissa and Doug Wooden Advent Calendar- $16.65
2. 3D Advent Village - $12.80 sale, $16.00 regular
3. Forest Friends Advent Calendar - $11.50
4. 3D German Chocolate House Advent Calendar - $13.99
5. Felt Advent Calendar- $22.47
6. Nativity Pop Up Tree - $15.00
7. Snowman Advent Calendar - $9.99
8. Festive Folklore Calendar- $63.20 sale, $79.00 regular
9. Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar- $32.31
10. Disney Advent Calendar- $49.00

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