An Easter Surprise!

As I child I remember Easter being one of my favorite holidays, every Spring my excitement would grown for the arrival of pastels dresses, egg coloring, and Easter morning service.  The most memorable years included the surprise of a new Farm animal, from bunny rabbits, to colored ducks and chicks to baby calves. Growing up on a farm had its perks; free range and farm animals galore. Most of my happiest memories as a child were due to my parents and grandparents ability to create amazing holiday gatherings and exciting activities to participate in, mostly including raising of farm animals. 

Now that I am a mother I hope to bring these happy memories to my little Titan, so this Easter we are beginning our farm animal adventure with these adorable baby chicks, courtesy of grandma and grandpa. As I currently don't live on a farm, my parents have graciously volunteered to raise these baby chickens on their property. Grandma may be more excited than other residents of the household, but I think these darling chicks are sure to change a few minds. 

Now don't worry about the lives of these chicks in the hands of a toddler who may want to kiss them, hug them and squeeze them! They will be monitored and protected at all times as we don't want any accidents happening. Now, I don't recommend running out and purchasing some chickens for your toddler unless you are fully capable of providing them with the space, time and care they need for a healthy life. If you are properly set-up to have chickens on your land or property I believe raising farm animals can teach many values to a child, including responsibility, time management and adventure! Based on my experience chickens are a great way to start for a child, because they are easy to care for and are really fun once you start collecting eggs. 

As a quick reference guide to starting a flock of your own, here are some basic necessities you will need for your chicks. A Chicken FeederWaterer,  Poultry Bedding, heat lamp, and a Chicken Coop are the basics and I recommend shopping for these items with Tractor Supply or your local feed store.  You can also purchase your baby chickens at your local feed store, and there are several types of different chickens you can get.  My mother prefers Silkie Batams because they are get ever cuter once they are older. We picked up these little ones at Montgomery County Milling Co.  who are always helpful to make sure we have all of the correct supplies. If you can plan ahead, you can pick and choose which type of Batams you want by ordering chickens from an online store such as Strombergs. The online stores are very careful to ship your chickens to you without harming them and it is a very neat experience to receive baby chickens at your door step. 

To start off with your chickens you can keep them at eyes view in your own home until they grow a little bigger to stay outside. Here is a picture of our current set-up so you can see exactly how easy it is to get started. Be careful to make sure they don't get too hot under the heat lamp, especially if you are starting your flock during the heat of summer. If you are a DIY'er there are many tutorials available for building your own chicken coop, such as this tutorial on Live

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek of our Easter morning! Sssh, don't tell our little Titan! I can't wait to see our little Titan's reaction and am excited for our on-going adventure as these chicks grow. I hope you all enjoy your Easter holiday, spend your time with your family and be thankful for our lord and savor at Easter Sunday service. 

If you have any questions about starting a chicken flock please feel free to email me at I am not an expert but I can tell you about my experiences. 

Until our next adventure, 
A Titan's Mother 

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