A Trip to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX - Ft. Worth, TX

A Trip to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX - Ft. Worth, TX

Our most recent adventure was a family trip to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX.  Our little titan has taken a liking to all things dinosaurs, so naturally we wanted to visit the 'Dinosaur Capital of Texas'.  I'll admit I never knew Dinosaur World existed until I became I mom, and truthfully that is one of my favorite things about being a mother. The excitement of planning adventures around your little titan and experiencing things and places I never would have as a single adult. 

We planned this trip last minute when our summer vacation to New Braunfels, TX was rained out due to crazy and unpredictable Texas weather. In the end, we had a great time filling our long weekend with adventures in Glen Rose accompanied by grandma and grandpa, and I am happy to give an excellent review for Dinosaur World. 

Dinosaur World is honestly the perfect adventure for a little titan. With life size dinosaurs, easy walking paths, and an adventure play place it's a safe and entertainment filled venue perfect for those under 42". The park includes a dinosaur themed play place where we probably spent half our afternoon, with plenty of picnic seating and room for your little one to work up an appetite. I recommend packing a picnic lunch because there are no food vendors available at dinosaur world, which makes this adventure a budget friendly trip. 

For little's over the age of 3, your ticket purchase comes with a fossil dig in a huge sand pit. If under 3 admission into the park is free, and you just have to purchase a $2 ticket for them to participate in the fossil dig. Mr. Atlas Gray had a blast playing in the sand and searched for treasures to take home as keep sakes. Something that I really appreciated as a mother was the sand pit only being at arms reach, keeping my little titan clean and not capable of getting sand all over. 

Our adventures on the walking paths included a variety of different dinosaur species including the infamous T-REX at the end of the trail. There are plenty of resting spots among the trails and easy walking for all ages. For those of you, like my husband, who prefer an educational adventure, informational booths line the pathway at each exhibit. The nature setting is very relaxing and truly makes you feel as if you are walking among the dinosaurs. At the end of the adventure take a moment to visit the museum and gift shop. Watch out for sticky fingers and sticking husbands, as there are a ton of little souvenirs your titan is bound to fall in love with!

Glen Rose, TX is about 1 hour south of Ft. Worth and is full of accommodations for families traveling long distance. See a list of lodging accommodations here. There is also plenty to do for a long weekend including Dinosaur Valley State Park and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  I hope you find this review helpful for planning an adventure filled weekend, and don't forget Dinos Have More Fun! 

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Or maybe it's Grandpa's Have More Fun! Haha!  Has anyone visited Dinosaur World recently? Share your story with us in our comments section below and tag us on Instagram @thetitanadventure if you visit, we would love to hear from you and see your photos!

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother 

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