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Welcome to my new column, Titan Style Tuesday, where I will share my favorite brands and fashion advice for toddler boys.  When I first became pregnant I hoped for a girl so I could dress her in sweet lace dresses and strawberry bonnets, but instead I was blessed with a blue eyed boy with long lashes and bronzed skin. Since the moment we heard he was a boy, the days of bow ties, button-ups and blue jean overalls began. Although I definitely think the stores make it challenging to shop for little boys, I have had the best time styling outfits for my little Titan. I love all things lace and feminine, but even more I love the simplicity that boys fashion brings. Having the opportunity to mix and match masculine textures and style, gives me the chance to create something different everyday. I have even learned to incorporate simplicity and basic textures into my style which gives me more time to spend on what's more little titan! 

Sunday's are becoming one of my favorite days to dress my little Titan. There is something so special about putting on your Sunday Best for church, and I enjoy teaching my son to look his best for prayer and worship on Sunday mornings with our family. 

Ralph Lauren Kids is one of our favorite go to staples, especially for Sunday morning! I love the new looks from Ralph Lauren, but with our family budget we don't normally buy Ralph Lauren at full price, especially not for a growing toddler! I watch for sales on the Ralph Lauren website, and I often get lucky and find most of his Ralph Lauren pieces at T.J. Maxx at half price! That's right, this past week my mother and I picked up 3 polo's, 1 button up and 2 t-shirts for a steal. Each piece you can get for about $10-$20 a piece. I hope you enjoy these snap-shots of our Sunday Best after church this week! 

Sunday Best Titan Style:

Oxford- Ralph Lauren from T.J. Maxx
Denim- Old Navy Straight Fit 
Bow-tie & Suspender Set- Rising Star available at The Cracker Barrel or Buy Buy Baby
Shoes- Gap Kids Canvas Slip-on-Sneakers

Poor little guy was ready for a nap towards the end of our mini photo shoot! For all the moms out there, what are some of your favorite go to brands for Sunday morning? 

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother

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