Grapevine Botanical Gardens With Toddlers - Ft. Worth, TX

We are saying goodbye to summer this week with our play date in the park post! My little titan and I recently took a weekend trip to DFW for the chance to visit our friends from Phoenix, Arizona. As most of our closest friends are scattered around the country, we don't normally get the opportunity to schedule mommy/baby play dates.  I always hoped I would get to share the joy of having children with my closest friends, but unfortunately life happens. We get busy and friends don't always take their adventures in the same metroplex, or even in the same state!  So, when I heard Ashly and Emma were coming to DFW I was thrilled that our little ones would finally be able to spend some time together! We decided to enjoy our first play date together with a picnic in the park at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens in Heritage Park. This park was very appropriate for two toddlers with nice walking trails, manicured gardens, a playground, and an accessible water fountain for cooling down in Texas heat.  It is truly worth a visit if you are planning a trip to Grapevine, Texas

Our picnic in the park was easily thrown together with a quilt, picnic basket and some salad bar munchies from the local Kroger. With two toddlers I didn't dare make the occasion any more complicated than that! I greatly enjoyed our time spent with Ashly and Emma and I wish it could have been longer than one afternoon. We miss them dearly and enjoyed every moment of laughs, kisses and hugs! 

We are sad to see summer come and go, but excited to move into fall! I am seeing pumpkin patches, flannel blankets and fall wardrobes in our near future!

Share some of your favorite play date ideas with The Titan Adventures in our comments section below. I am always looking for ideas on where to meet up with other mommies! 

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother 

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