How to Create a Toddler's Capsule Fall Wardrobe

I've been reading a lot about fall capsules in women's fashion lately, and since I haven't put the budget aside for a new fall wardrobe for myself I decided to try out a fall capsule idea for my little Titan!  The new pieces in his fall wardrobe are courtesy of both sets of grandparents! A big thank you to the grandparents!

The idea surrounding a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your closet with your most favorite and versatile pieces for the season.  I originally picked up the idea from a blog post I read on The Glitter Guide and also through one of my favorite books called Do Less. My husband and I have recently been working on trying to simplify our lifestyle by going through every corner of our house and minimizing to our most favorite possessions. This idea is the same for our closets, including Mr. Atlas Gray! I have followed the steps provided by The Glitter Guide for our little Titan's wardrobe and here is where I've gotten so far. 

1. For step number one I went through all the clothes in his closet and pulled out anything that no longer fit, had stains or wasn't for the season. I created three piles:  keeps, rejects, and storage (for if/when we have a second son).

2. Next I took a look at what was left and decided on a color pallet. I decided on red, grey, navy and forest green for the season! 

3. Then I decided on what pieces we needed to complete his fall wardrobe- we were in need of a couple pairs of pants, new shoes and light weight sweaters. 

4. Now that we had an idea of what we needed, we went shopping with grandma and grandpa! See a list of what was purchased below and where to find them! 

DSC_0312 (3).JPG

Capsule Wardrobe Details: 

5 Pocket Denim Skinny Jeans- Carters (These are the cutest!)
Canvas Utility Pants- Carters 
Bear Overalls- Koala Kids from Babies R Us but sold out
Gray Skinny- Last season from Old Navy- similar here

Flannel Button Up- Carters
Red/Black Flannel- Last season from Old Navy- similar here
Cotton Baseball Tshirt- Ralph Lauren- similar here
Bear T-Shirt- Koala Kids at Babies R Us 
Navy Flannel Button Up- Last season from Old Navy- similar here

Navy V-Neck- Carters
Striped Button Up Cardigan- Koala Kids at Babies R Us

Loafers- Koala Kids at Babies R Us
High Top Sneakers- Carters

Puff Vest- Last season from Old Navy- similar here 
Dress Vest- Last season from Children's Place- similar here

Follow us on Instagram during the next couple of weeks while we create outfits from our staple pieces this fall! Have any tips or ideas to share on creating a capsule wardrobe and minimizing your closet? Let us know in our comments section below, we would love to hear from you. 


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