Our Favorite Dino Costumes for 2015

If you haven't already noticed from my previous blog posts, we are kind of into dinos this year!   For Halloween we decided to boost our little titan's imagination by dressing him in his most favorite character, a dino!  

Originally I thought I would try and hand sew Atlas a dinosaur costume. Yeah right, as my husband would say. Since my sewing machine is still sitting half threaded on my desk, I think we will save the DIY costume for next year.  I have done some online shopping and picked what I think to be the best dino costumes of 2015. I can't wait to share how sweet he looks in his costume, but for now you'll have to guess which dinosaur costume we've chosen for our little titan.  I hope you enjoy them! 


1.  Brown & Green T-Rex- Amazon.com
2.  Red T-Rex- Amazon.com
3. Green Pterodactyl- Mr. Costume
4. Koala Kids Dino Costume-  Babies R Us
5. Blue T-Rex- Mr. Costume
6. Green Triceratops- Party City

What are your little titan's planning to be this year? Let us know in our comments section below, we would love to hear from you. 

P.S. Can anyone guess which dinosaur Atlas will be? We'll share a sneak peak closer to the holiday. 

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother 


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