His & Her Bedside Tables

Today I am sharing some ideas on organizing and styling a master bedroom because I feel it's important to have a comfortable space for you and your hubby to share. One of my new years resolutions for 2016 was to get our master bedroom organized and styled better for the busy year ahead. I'm not sure why, but our bedroom has always been the most difficult room in the house for me to style. Since we moved in the only thing we have had in our bedroom was this stained shelf over the bed with a few candles on top. Simple enough, but pretty boring! We were using wooden crates as bedside tables, which were too short for the bed and were starting to fall apart.  

When trying to decide on new bedside tables, I went with these 6 cube organizer shelves from the local Target for more displaying space and I am really happy with the result! My husband has so many cute marvel figurines and cool coffee table books but has never really had a space to display them. With the addition of our new bedside tables, he now has extra space to display some of his many figurines or "grown-up toys" as daddy calls them! We only display the less sensitive ones because our little titan doesn't agree with the concept of "grown-up toys". Haha! The extra shelving has helped us de-clutter closets and other spaces in the house, and we can now see the things we love most every morning. I'm really happy with how they turned out, and by the way they are only $39.99 a piece from Target

The moms out there might think i'm crazy, but I prefer to use all white bedding in our bedroom. With a toddler and two dogs this is a challenge, but bleach is my friend and it keeps our bedding as white as possible. Although I love white bedding I also love color and finding a balance between the two has always been a struggle for me.  I found these velvet ocean blue throw pillows at World Market and decided to go with a blue and white color story. World Market also has a beautiful set of blush pink throw pillows and although it was extremely hard for me to resist them, I went with the blue for a gender neutral bedroom.  I absolutely love them and think they go perfectly with the ocean blue mirror I got from Kirkland's. You can find one similar to it here.  I also picked up these rattan table lamps from Kirkland's which are now on sale for a steal! 

I love when a room turns out comfortable and cozy for our family. Our little titan fits right in with our newly decorated bedroom and doesn't mind playing with daddy's bedside toys! Shop more of our bedroom decor below. I hope this post gives you some different ideas on reorganizing your master bedroom, and please contact me for any questions or thoughts below. 

Her Bedside

Beau Jewelry Box -  Infinity Alarm Clock - Kate Spade 'All in Good Taste Book' - Mindy Kaling 'Why Not Me' Book

His Bedside

 Beer & Food Book - The Marvel Encyclopedia Book - Darth Vader Alarm Clock - Marvel Mug - Han Solo Bedside Table - Secret Lock Dragon Puzzle Box


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A Titan's Mother 

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