10 Things To Do With Kids At The Texas Renaissance Festival

10 Things To Do With Kids At The Texas Renaissance Festival

We recently made our first trip to The Texas Renaissance Festival with our three year old toddler and we had a great time! Atlas is really into dragons, castles and all things fantasy right now so we thought we would make the trip. I was a little skeptical of whether or not it would be family friendly and was pleasantly surprised by all the fun things the festival has to offer for little ones. My husband and I definitely recommend the trip and here is our guide for 10 fun things to do at The Texas Renfest with kids. The festival is so large that there are probably even more things to do that we didn't get to, so this is just the start! 

1. Take a Pony Ride- We found two pony ride locations at The Texas Renaissance Festival, one being The Kings Ponies. Atlas insisted on riding twice and he was so happy that we went ahead and let him. The cost is $5.00 per ride which I felt was reasonable. 

2. Visit the Enchanted Swings & Carnival Rides- There are some really cool carnival rides that I had never seen before at the Texas Renfest. My husband and I even wanted to ride them which is rare! Our first stop was at The Enchanted Swings which is great ride for toddlers. It is a two person swing that you control by pulling a rope back and forth. You control your own speed and Atlas really loved it! 

3. Wear a Costume- We didn't wear costumes this year, but plan to next year. We went during the Octoberfest weekend and I so badly wanted a Lederhosen outfit for Atlas. We looked and looked during our visit, but weren't able to find one at the festival.  I plan on getting him this one for next year.

4. Take a Family Elephant Ride - You can literally take a family elephant ride at The Texas Renfest! How many people can actually say they have ridden an elephant in their lifetime? Not many, and now Atlas is one of them. My parents went with us and the three of them meet and elephant and went on a little ride. It was very cool and from what I could see the elephants looked to be well taken care of. 

5. Get a Face Painting - There are all kinds of vendors at the festival and we of course had to stop for a face painting, except Atlas wanted his on his arm. He is so independent and walked right up and held out his arm. So funny! He of course picked a black and red dragon and the lady that painted it for him was so nice! 

6. Play a Carnival Game- There are lots of neat carnival type games throughout the festival except with a renaissance twist. We stopped at De Royal Archers, which is an archery game where you get about 10 arrows to try and shoot posters of dragons. It was right up our ally and my husband had fun teaching Atlas how to shoot a bow and arrow. If you hit a dragon you get a little certificate which was fun. The carnival games averaged about $5.00 each so we only picked a few of them for our first trip. 

7. Watch a Renaissance Parade- They have several parades throughout the festival with knights and horses, and this is really fun to watch. At times it truly felt like you were in the renaissance period, especially with all the architecture that is built in the park. The park vendors and employees get really into the spirit of the festival, which makes it even more 

8. See the Jousting Show- There are multiple jousting shows throughout the day and are fun to get the whole experience. For the most part I wouldn't recommend taking kiddos to the shows, as they are full of adult innuendos and I personally feel are inappropriate for little ones. The jousting show however is very family friendly and perfect for all ages! 

9. Eat a Funnel Cake- There is so much great food at Renfest, that you can't just have one thing! We had a turkey leg, a meat sandwich, several pretzels and meant to stop for a funnel cake but ran out of cash. IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT THAT YOU BRING CASH! The food vendors mostly only except cash, so don't forget! 

10. Meet a Lama- They also have lamas with the ponies that you can ride! I think lamas are so cute! Atlas was more of a pony fan, but if your little one is a looking for something different the lamas are right for you! 

Thank concludes our trip! We really had a great time and would like to go back for the Celtic Christmas weekend November 25th-27th. Have you ever been to The Texas Renaissance Festival, or something similar to this in your home state? Let us know about your trip in our comments section below and have a great day! 

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