10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Toddler Active This Winter

5 Ways To Keep Your Toddler Active This Winter

Temperatures have finally dropped here in Texas and it is starting to feel like Winter! The long afternoons of playing in the backyard are over and all we want to do is cuddle on the couch with a good movie during this time of year. I don't know about your kiddos, but Atlas has so much extra energy to burn and starts to get a little stir crazy in the cold weather months...while also driving his mama crazy. So to keep our sanity, my husband and I put together a list of 10 ways to keep your toddler active this winter, and I'm happy to share it with you! 

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1. Build a Cozy Indoor Fort
One of our favorite indoor activities for winter is to build a cozy indoor fort. When I was a kid we just used chairs and sheets, but today they have some of the coolest fort kits for kids! This activity keeps my son active for at least a couple hours each day! 

2. Play Board Games
Our son loves playing board games and I love them too because I feel there are learning opportunities in board games for toddlers. Although you do have to participate in the game, your toddler can practice their colors and counting while playing their favorite games. 

3. Paint a Wooden Toy
We are a big fan of painting in our house, and these wooden toys make cute gifts for grandma and grandpa after your toddler is finished painting. This activity will keep your toddler entertained for at least an hour, with only slight supervision. 

4. Color A Giant Coloring Book
Step up the coloring game with a giant coloring book or poster your toddler will love! Be sure to give them washable markers or jumbo crayons so you don't have to hover over them every moment. 

5. Bake Cookies & Play With Dough
Do some baking and then leave the left over cookie or bread dough for your toddler to play with. This keeps our son entertained for hours! Get them a chef hat and their own set of cooking utensils to make the experience even more fun. 

6. Practice Tracing Letters & Numbers
Set aside an hour of time each day in the winter to practice tracing letters and numbers! 

7. Get Your Dance On
Have some fun with your little one and have a dance party in your living room this winter! Better yet get your little one his/her own headset filled with preschool songs for an afternoon full of entertainment.  

8. Have a Mom & Toddler Workout
Do some mom and toddler yoga or cardio to get your toddler up and moving! Since we don't get to be outdoors as much in the winter this is the perfect opportunity to start your at home work out series. I recommend a two layer yoga mat to help protect your toddler while on the floor. 

9. Go On A Scavenger Hunt
Although you will need to help your toddler out with this one, create a fun afternoon with a family scavenger hunt to keep your toddler active! 

10. Bundle Up For A Quick Walk
We insist on taking walks as often as we can during the winter, even if it's only for 15 minutes. We bundle up in our matching Patagonia fleece jackets, grab the pup and take a quick jog around the neighborhood! In the spring and summer our son spends most of his day playing and running around in the backyard, so I feel it's so important for him to get as much outdoor activity as possible in the winter. We love Patagonia snap-T fleece jackets for toddlers boys and women because they are lightweight, durable and warm. I also love that the hood fully covers your head and keeps Atlas snug. I have learned a lot about Patagonia this past year since my uncle started working there and I have been very impressed with the support the company offers to parents who work in the corporate office. Patagonia values a work life, and offers benefits such as on-site childcare and paid maternity/paternity leave to both moms and dads! You can read about the benefits they offer to parents here on their website!  I love to support companies who have the same values as I do and as a mother, parenting is close to my heart. I am so happy to hear about the great things Patagonia is doing to support working parents. 

As a side tip, if you live in a state that does not allow you to get outside in winter try making it to a mall or indoor gym to get some walking time with your toddler. 

That completes our 10 simple ways to keep your toddler active this winter and I hope you guys have a great one! I'm sure there are so many other creative ways to stay active this winter and we would love to hear your tips in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and don't forget to pin and save for later! 

10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Toddler Active This Winter


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