How To Prepare For A Mommy-Away Trip

How To Prepare For A Mommy-Away Trip

If you are following my Instagram account this week, you'll know that I'm currently in Los Angeles & Palm Springs visiting my sister and new niece Madison Rose. Leaving my family for a week is not an easy task these days, especially with my husband's busy schedule.  Today I am sharing my tips on how to prepare for a mommy-away trip to hopefully make your visit away a little easier on you, your titan and your family. 

As mom's and dad's we do a lot to keep the house clean, the laundry folded and the yard work done. I couldn't imagine being a single parent, and I have tons of respect for those who do it all alone. Luckily my husband doesn't have to handle it all alone this trip as my parents live just down the street from us. They graciously offered to help watch Atlas while I was away, making it a lot easier on my husband. To help prepare for my departure I took some extra steps to make the week a little easier on everyone. I hope other mom's can utilize these tips when planning a trip away from home. If you have any other tips or tricks please share them in the comments section below. 

1. Make a schedule- It's hard for me to keep track of our schedule, and so I don't expect my parents to keep track on their own. Make them or whomever will be caring for your little one a schedule while your away. Include what days and times they go to school, when daddy gets off work, and even their bed time. 

2.  Pack and set-out outfits- Prepare outfits for your little titan while you are away so it is easy for both grandparents and daddy. I don't know about other mommy's out there but my hubby doesn't always do a great job of dressing the little man, although he does try!  Just so I know he looks sharp while I'm away, I prefer to pick out his clothes for him. Plus, it's one last thing my husband has to do. 

3. Freeze some meals for daddy- The previous week before my departure I made a couple extra meals to freeze for daddy so he could just pop them in the oven while I was away. When we get in a hurry we like to make aluminum foil dinners with meat and veggies. We love these meals because they involve no cleanup and all the food is cut-up into one dish. For this particular foil dinner I cut up chicken, sausage, potatoes and green beans into bit size pieces and put it all into a foil covered baking sheet. I sprinkled some Tony's and salt and pepper over the food for some fast spices. You can bake this dish for about 45 minutes at 400 degrees or until the chicken is cooked thoroughly. I made one for us and froze another for daddy this week while I was away. Super simple. I will sometimes mix in a can of cream of mushroom soup and serve with rice, depending on how healthy I'm trying to eat that week. For a healthy choice, we also like to make this meal with salmon, broccoli and carrots. 

4. Leave an emergency contact list- It is important to always leave an emergency contact list for your caretakers in case your little one gets sick or has an accident. I always leave information for Atlas's doctor, school and my husband's work contacts. 

5. Try not to stress out and have fun- Leaving your little one and husband can be stressful, but I am a firm believer in having time for yourself if you are willing and able. We do so much as parents, and a little getaway doesn't hurt. Especially one where you take to visit family or friends you haven't seen in a while. I also honestly think my little one enjoy's the time away, he gets so excited to stay with his grandparents for a couple of days. The important thing is not to stress, you've properly prepared for your departure and all will be fine. 

That completes my tips for planning a mommy-away trip. If anyone has any other tips to share please let us know if the comments section below! We would love to hear from you. Thank you to my husband and parents for letting me visit my sister in sunny CA for the week! 

Until our next adventure, 

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