Palm Springs at The Saguaro - Meet New Mom Melissa Carter

I am excited to share some pictures of my lovely sister and new mom, Melissa Carter, and her newborn, Madison Rose, from our recent trip to Palm Springs. My sister has lived in LA for the past five years, and with a toddler of my own I haven't been able to visit her until recently. It was so great to visit with my sister, her boyfriend and miss Madison Rose; we shared a beautiful week together in California and I will cherish the memories we made. To getaway from the big city and just relax, we took a short two-day trip to Palm Springs for some sisterly bonding time in the comfort of a brightly colored and sunny resort, The Saguaro

We were very pleased with our stay at The Saguaro, and will definitely go back! The resort grounds have amazing greenery and the perfect amount of space to take evening walks with a stroller around the pool area. You also can't beat the mountain view lined by palm trees in the background, it is the perfect space to lounge about and relax. We went during the week on a Wednesday and Thursday so the party crowds were't too heavy and there were mostly families out and about during the day. We of course didn't make it to the pool this time with little Madi, but I foresee a trip in the future with Madison and Atlas splashing around the sunny pool.

We stayed in a pool view double queen bedroom that included a personal patio with a table and chairs. This was nice because we were able to sit outside and have our morning coffee on the patio. Next time I will get a mountain view room, as the mountain range was just breathtaking. Melissa and I kept saying they looked fake they were so gorgeous. For breakfast and dinner we ordered in room service from the on-site restaurant El Jefe, which is inspired by the diverse street food of Mexico. We were really impressed with the food and glad we choose a resort with on-site restaurants. It was nice to order in, and skip the hustle of going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner; especially when we want to limit a newborn being in public. Our room had a perfect breakfast nook for two which we took advantage of during most meals.  The room service really wasn't too pricey considering, but to save a little money we stopped at the local grocery store and picked up some munchies for our room. Each room comes with a mini refrigerator and so we stocked up on yogurt, orange juice, coffee creamer, Pellegrino and fruit! Most times we ordered enough food for one person and then substituted with our groceries. 

The Saguaro is covered in beautiful bright colors at every corner, making it the perfect location for pictures and events. Our bedroom had bold colors of yellow and orange making our stay feel cheerful and bright. The beds were so comfy with white comforters and we were able to request a baby crib for little Madi which made packing easier.  During our trip we mostly slept in, ate lots of good food, went on walks, did mom manicures and face masks and really just talked. One night I picked up Thai food from Bangkok Noodles in Cathedral City if you need an idea for take out one night. It was delicious! We made it to town for a couple hours one day which I will be sharing in a separate post; but we mostly just relaxed and shared stories about life and being new moms. We really enjoyed our visit to The Saguaro and appreciate the great service and hospitality they offered. 

I was able to snap these sweet photos of Madison, which I hope her mommy and daddy enjoy!

Congrats to Melissa and Jeffery on the birth of their new baby girl who is now 1 month old. It was nice to visit with new parents and see the high points, the low points, and most of all the love that is shared between them. It's been almost three years now, but I feel like my husband and I are still new parents. Each day as a new mom is challenging, inspiring and filled with happiness. I''m glad I now get to share the joys and struggles of motherhood with my sister. Madison is such a beautiful baby, I loved getting to hold her and smell that new baby smell! She does this really funny thing were she is wide awake and then literally passes out in your hands one second later. I anticipate her being a drama queen like her mother, and I can't wait for many more visits to California. 

Thank you to Melissa and Jeffery for an amazing trip to Cali and congrats on being new parents. Madison is just perfect! 

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother 

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