A Valentines Mom & Toddler Tea Party

Valentines Day is coming up this Sunday and I hope you are all enjoying a week of love. Today I am sharing some inspiration for putting together your own Valentine's tea party at home for you and your little titans! 

As a mommy Valentine's Day isn't just about showing my love to my husband but also to my little titan! As a child I remember my mom always leaving little Valentines treats for me and my siblings the morning of Valentine's Day. I really appreciate the small things she did to make each and every holiday special for us. Last weekend Atlas and I baked the sweetest mini cherry filled heart pies that were delicious, you can find the recipe here.  After baking our pies we put together a little Valentines tea party for the two of us to celebrate. I don't believe tea party's just have to be for little girls. Little boys can learn about posture, etiquette and manners by participating as well! I was shocked at how well Atlas was able to drink from a tea cup. I had planned on switching it out to a regular plastic cup, but he just picked it right up and started sipping away. Such a cutie pie! 

We got dressed up and put together this tea party in about 30 minutes! Tulle skirts and velvet bow ties included. It was fun to spend some one-on-one time with my little guy and I encourage other mommy's to break out the tea cups this week and share with your little ones. I don't know about you, but my hubby would never have a tea party with me so why not have some fun with the little ones who love it, even the boys. Make it a mommy-mini Valentine's date and have fun! 

We held our tea party in our living room, and most of the furniture we  used was either given to us or found at a yard sale and painted. The pink table was actually an old secretaries desk, which I now use as a bar cart or side table in our home. It was an ugly brown color, but I spray painted it pink and absolutely love it! The white table and chairs were given to us by my mom. I was using it outside on our patio, but I moved it inside for our tea party. We enjoyed our tea party so much that we decided to keep the table and chairs here to act as a breakfast nook. 

You could easily create your own tea party at your dining room table for you and your little titans just by utilizing current pieces from your home. Use cake plates to hold cookies, pies, mini sandwiches and more. If you don't have a tea cups, visit the local thrift stores. We got this white set for under $5.00 at Goodwill, and the gold cutlery was given to me by my grandmother. 


Happy Valentines everyone and I hope you get to shower your loved ones this February with hugs and kisses. 

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother 


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