DIY Dinosaur Valentine's Card Craft For Toddlers

DIY Dinosaur Valentines Cards

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In February our home becomes filled with school party crafts, sugar cookies and these DIY Dinosaur Valentine's cards for Atlas's school parties. We have a small obsession with dinosaurs at our house, so instead of giving candy to his daycare friends I like to make these simple dinosaur cards.  If you are looking for a simple craft idea for your little one's school Valentines parties, these are super simple and take no time at all to make.  It is also really fun to have your toddler help out to make these. We found our miniature dinosaurs at the dollar store, but these glow in the dark dinosaurs would be really fun to use. I also like all the fun colors in this variety pack.  

You could also simply change these cards into your own creation by using your toddler's favorite character. Some ideas would be farm animals, zoo animals, Pokemon, etc. As long as the figurines are small and can fit on a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card. 

We used a dinosaur stamp set to make the 'Dino-mite hugs' saying and a Valentines stamp set to say 'Happy Valentines Day' at the bottom of the card. If you don't have a stamp set you could easily write on the card with a fine point permanent marker. Or even better find a friend with pretty handwriting; I always recruit my husband because he has the best handwriting. See our detailed instructions to create these cards at the end of this post.  I hope you and your kiddos have fun making these cards this February! Atlas and I sure did! 


Dinosaur Figurines
White Card Stock- Cut in 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 size cards
Paper Trimmer
Dinosaur Stamp Set
Valentines Stamp Set
Ink Pads
Bright Curling Ribbon 
Fine Point Permanent Markers


1. Using a paper trimmer cut your white card stock into a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 size cards. 
2. Write or stamp your Valentines sayings on your cards. I choose to put "Happy Valentines Day" at the bottom and "Dino-mite hugs" at the top, but you can put whatever saying you like best. 
3. Cut your curling ribbon into 8" strands. 
4. Take your curling ribbon and tie a knot around each of your dinosaurs so that they stay secure on your cards
5. Once you have your dinosaur secure, tie the ribbon around the center of the card and make a tight bow in the back. 
6. Enjoy your cards and have your toddler pass them out on Valentines day! 

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DIY Dinosaur Valentine's Cards For Toddlers

Thank you and please share pics of your cards on Instagram by tagging @thetitanadventure if you decide to make them! We'd love to see them. What is your favorite Valentine craft to make with your little ones? 

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