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Today I am sharing a post featuring my country roots and my little titan in his Carhartt overalls. My parents, Nana and Ut-oh (grandpa) gave Atlas these Carhartt overalls last year to help feed the chickens and ducks in on the weekends.  He looks so cute in them that I couldn't help but snap some photos next to this yellow vintage truck my dad is fixing up.  The durability of these overalls is unmatched and so Atlas also wears them when we are working in the yard or doing something that will get his clothes really dirty. I love his Carhartt overalls because I can throw them into the wash after our outdoor adventures without harming the quality of the material. They protect his nice clothes and look so sweet on him! I'll admit that sometimes he wears them just because I love a good country boy look every now and then. 

My husband and I are looking into moving soon and I can't decide whether I want to live in the country or closer to the city. I grew up on 10 acres of land right near a horse equestrian farm and loved growing up with animals and plenty of space to call home. I am having a hard time adjusting to the idea of having a small yard, but then I do see the benefits of living in a neighborhood. My style consists of more classic and preppy pieces, but I do feel at home when I get to put on my cowboy boots and a simple summer dress. I have had my blue stripped shirt dress for years now and for some reason it is one of my husband's favorites.  My Durango cowboy boots, similar here,  I bought back in college to wear when my girlfriends and I would go line dancing on Thursday's night at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth, Texas.  I hope I can bring a little bit of my past country lifestyle to Atlas, and every-time I see him in these Carhartt overalls I'm reminded of my childhood. They remind me of my little brothers in Carhartt jackets and my dad heading off to work in his work pants. I love a brand that reminds you of home, and I look forward to seeing Atlas in these overalls each time he wears them! 

Titan Style

5. Light Blue Chambray Shirtdress

6. Light Brown Durango Boots

Thanks for reading and I hope you day is lovely!

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother

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