A Modern Transformers 3rd Birthday Party

Transformers Birthday Party I Boys Birthday Party

Our little titan most recently turned 3 and we threw a modern transformers birthday party to celebrate the big day.  Atlas is such a boy's boy and transformers are his top toy to play with right now. His favorite character is Bumblebee and  I knew early on that I would be throwing a Transformers birthday party this year. I tried to talk myself out of it and so wanted to do something sweet like a Peter Rabbit or Curious George birthday party, but I knew Atlas would enjoy seeing his favorite character Bumblebee.... and so the party planning began. 

I'll admit that planning this party was not easy. I am not that great of a DIY'er and there wasn't much party merchandise available for specific Transformers decor featuring Bumblebee. I also wanted to stick with a yellow, black and white theme and this color palette made the party planning even more difficult. Most Transformers party supplies I could find featured Optimus Prime, Atlas's second favorite character, which is mostly red & blue. I was determined to stick with my black and yellow color palette, and so I started by purchasing basic party supplies in this color palette and then filled in with specific Bubleebee themed party decor.  I also utilized Shop Sweet Lulu to create some custom pieces for our party, which turned out so great! 

Transformers Birthday Party I Boys Birthday Party

It's true when parent's say kids grow up super fast, because it seems as though I was pregnant with Atlas yesterday and he is now already three. Watching him get bigger makes me feel old and a little sad, but I think he's enjoying being a kid and I love seeing him have fun with kids his own age. My husband has made some new friends with kiddos of their own and it was nice to be able to invite kids Atlas's age to the party. We weren't able to do that last year and it made such a difference in making the day special for him. Atlas loves kids, in fact he gets so excited on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we pull into school.  I am so thankful for all the parents who brought their kids to the party, it made all the difference to Atlas. 

I had a so much fun preparing the party favors and lunches for the kids. I used these takeout boxes from Shop Sweet Lulu to hold their lunches, and I kept them simple with a PB&J, grapes and a Capri Sun. All of Atlas's favorites. The kids all seemed to like it so I was glad I went with it. We ordered pizza for the adults which was a life savor because I really didn't have to make anything by hand. Except for the banana pudding which my sister in-law made for me. We used this recipe here by the Novice Chef, it was so easy and delicious. 

For the kids party favors we filled a simple white box with these transformers party favors from Amazon, and some black and gold crinkle paper shreds from Shop Sweet Lulu. My mom helped me decorate the front of the white box's with yellow chevron paper which came together very nicely. I ordered a custom designed thank you tag from Laughing Willow Designs, an Etsy store, to match the birthday invites and they turned out so cute. We also gave a transformers mask to each little one, which they loved. 

Some other custom pieces I used for the party included these foil print napkins, which I had specially printed to say "Roll Out" for our Transformers theme. I also ordered a miniature birthday garland for Atlas which you can find here. I love this garland because you can customize it any way you like and you can use it again for future parties. 

I ordered a simple yellow cake from Kroger and a dozen custom Bumblebee cupcakes for the kiddos from Candyland Cupcakes. I decorated the table with white and black serving dishes, streamers, a custom confetti , and yellow and black foods. We went with banana pudding, potato chips, oreos, pineapple, and black gumballs. The perfect amount of snacks as we still had a ton left over once everyone left. I framed the birthday party invite and placed it in the middle of the table because it was just that awesome! We filled in some of Atlas's Transformers toys to add to the Transformers theme which turned out perfectly. I also incorporated some succulents into some simple yellow pots for a modern touch. 

I want to wish a formal thank you to all the family and friends who joined us for Atlas's big day, it was such a blast! I appreciate everyone who traveled far, it made it all the more special. Shop our party below and thanks to all those who helped pull this party together! 



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