My Story of Motherhood for Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day approaching I am sharing my story of motherhood today. If you haven't heard from your favorite social media site, Sandy from is currently partnering with Lily Jade to giveaway of one of their beautiful designer diaper bags to several lucky mom's who share their story of motherhood with them. You can find details here on Sandy's blog to enter. Sandy is one of my favorite mom bloggers whom I look up to in the mom blog community. If you don't already follower her I suggest you check out her blog, she brings me inspiration to grow my blog and she will bring you inspiration as well. 

It has been three years since I was pregnant with my son Atlas, and I remember it so vividly as if it were yesterday. I have to admit I did quite enjoy being pregnant, minus the first three months when I was still getting used to the idea and couldn't keep anything in my stomach. I loved being taken care of by my husband, my in-laws and my parents! I loved stuffing my face with oreos every night after dinner, and it being okay because the doctor said I could gain weight. I also loved seeing him move around in my stomach like an alien... and most of all I loved wondering what he would look like, and if he would have mine or my husband's features. 

When I first found out I was pregnant I had just accepted my dream job as a product development specialist in men's fashion and would be moving from Texas to Wisconsin in two weeks. I had planned to give my notice at work the next day so I could begin my dream job in a new city! Well.... you could say that being pregnant was a complete surprise and I wasn't exactly thrilled. Thinking of this today makes me sad because at the time I didn't realize that God had blessed me, and my son would become the greatest joy in my life. I also feel guilty about these feelings knowing that so many women today struggle with infertility and want nothing more than to be a mom. At the time I was focused on one thing, my career, and I thought my dreams of having one would end.  Years later I can say that becoming a mother is nothing like those thoughts I once had and motherhood brings new opportunities, stronger relationships and a love like nothing else. I think that being a parent makes both myself and my husband stronger, because it's no longer just the two of us, it is us and him, a combination of the both of us that only we can care for the best. As parents we struggle each and every day, but we always try to do what's best for him and our family. Not to say that we always make the best choices....but luckily we are surrounded by friends and family who love us and always pick us up when we fall. 

A few days after we found out I was pregnant, my husband and I made the decision to quickly back out of the job offer and started planning new goals as a soon to be parents in Texas close to friends and family. From there came new job opportunities, new struggles,  new home's and a little titan himself challenging me each and every day. At age 2 I left the fashion merchandising industry to pursue my new passion...him...and I keep an ordinary career job to be home at 4:30 every single day with my son . As parents we make sacrifices and our struggles are real, but I think in the end it makes us who we are in life. When I think of my parents I don't think of what career they had or didn't have....I think of sitting on the hill overlooking the pasture talking with my dad, and I think of my mom being there each and every moment for me and my four siblings. I hope Atlas remembers me that way and being his mom has brought me courage, laughs, tears, and joy!

I look forward to being his mommy for the rest of my life and he teaches me new things about myself every day. I've learned that I sometimes let stress overcome my life when I shouldn't, and that I am not a very patient person even though I'm the oldest of 5 children. I've also learned that being a parent is way more fun because you get to throw awesome birthday parties, visit the zoo more than once a year and decorate for all the holiday's just because they love it!  I have also learned to count my achievements and know there will always be struggles. Our current struggles include potty training, temper tantrums and the dreaded word 'no'. We have mastered falling to sleep alone in his toddler bed, drinking only milk and water, and sort of cleaning up his toys.

What a cute little baby he was! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, if only we knew what it was like to be a mother when we were children. I know I would have done things differently as a teen if I only knew. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there, and if you get the chance visit Sandy's blog to participate and share your story of motherhood. Sending lots of love to my mother today as she is still taking care of me to this day....thanks and love you mom. 

Photography by M.K. Sadler



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