5 Things To Do with Your Dad on Father's Day

5 Things to Do with Your Dad on Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day approaching this coming weekend I wanted to share some ideas on fun things to do with your dad or husband on Father's Day.  I love spending time with my Dad and I'm excited for the upcoming weekend to get out and do something special with him. I'm also excited to celebrate my husband being a new dad for three years now.  He deserves a special day dedicated to being a great Dad....because he is just that, an amazing dad! My husband currently works full time, attends school full time and is a full time dad and husband. I honestly don't know how he does it and I am so proud of him for sticking it through and giving quality time to me and Atlas when he can. We love you Daddy and thanks for being so great to us. 

I worked with my husband to come up with this list of 5 things to do with your dad on father's day, and I hope it becomes of use to you when trying to plan something fun with your dad or husband this weekend. 

1. Take him to a local brewery- My dad and my husband love visiting family friendly craft breweries. It has become a hobby of theirs and something the entire family can do together, as most craft breweries allow children 21 and under as long as they are accompanied by an adult.  We enjoy visiting brewery's not only for the craft beer, but for the friendly atmosphere, the science of making a craft beer, and just to hang out in a cool place with family and friends. You can try the beer if you want to, but it's not a requirement if you aren't one who prefer's it. You can find a local brewery near you on the Find A U.S. Brewery Website

2. Take him fishing- Atlas and I plan to take my husband fishing this father's day. My husband used to fish with his dad as a kid and it is a fun past time for him that we want to participate in. Don't forget to order your fishing license if your state requires it. If you live in Texas you can get a fishing license here

3. Take him to see a movie- This one is a duh, I mean what dad doesn't like a giant bowl of popcorn and a huge screen TV with a new thrilling movie to watch. Better yet take him to a drive in, some of our favorite drive-ins here in Texas are The Showboat Drive-In Tomball, TX , Coyote Drive-In Ft. Worth, TX and The Galaxy Drive-In in Ennis, TX. We are planning to take Atlas to see Finding Dory this weekend and if your Dad or husband hasn't already seen it, Warcraft is a good guy movie. However, I personally wouldn't take kids to this one as it can be scary at times. 

4. Host a barbecue- Hamburgers, Hot-Dogs, Chips, Watermelon and your dad are the only ingredients it takes for a great Father's Day. Fix up your backyard and host a simple barbecue for your dad this father's day. Better yet visit a local lake and host a barbecue there. If you are in North Houston, visit Lake Conroe Park which has public access to the lake and barbecue pit access. 

5. Take him to a baseball game- We love visiting the Astro's stadium and haven't been in a while but I know this is a favorite activity of my husband's. Surprise your dad with ticket's and schedule a baseball game day with your Dad this father's day. If you are an Astro's fan you can check out the schedule here

For the second half of this blog post I wanted to share about our recent visit to Spindletap Brewery in Houston, TX. Just about my entire family visited this brewery last weekend and it was one of our favorites so far in Houston. Spindletap Brewery has a great selection of craft beers and an amazing atmosphere if you are looking for somewhere neat to hang out on Sunday with your dad. You must try their fresh soft pretzels and go prepared to play a couple games of giant Jenga and cornhole board.  I love brewery's that incorporate a family experience, and Spindletap does a great job of this. There were many kids Atlas's age and we felt comfortable as a family there. You can normally catch a live band on weekends at Spindletap, but if you are looking for a quieter spot sit in the warehouse space and see where the beer is actually made. It's a special treat that we really enjoyed! Spindletap Brewery's building is absolutely beautiful, and they have filled it with craftsman pieces including beautiful picnic tables and displays. It is truly a creative space and I see many more visits in the future. 

I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day this coming weekend, and I hope this post helped you think of some fun ideas to do with your dad and husbands to celebrate! What is your favorite thing to do with you dad? I would love to hear from you in our comments section below. 

With Love, 

A Titan's Mother

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