A Texas Summer To-Do List - Houston, TX

Summer To-Do List

This past Monday was officially the first day of summer and although Texas summer's can get extremely hot and uncomfortable, I am excited for the season! My freckles are starting to come out, my hair is beginning to get blond highlights which I love, and I am too often seeing a little white butt run around the house after he takes off his swim suit bottoms- (I may be talking about the little titan or my hubby, but I will never tell!) Haha, It is the cutest by the way!

We have an extremely busy summer ahead with my husband finishing up his schooling, which I could not be more thrilled to see that day come! With all the important things we have to do this summer, I wanted to make sure we plan some fun summer adventures as well. So today I am sharing a list of the adventures we want to take with Atlas this summer so I can start planning. Sort of a summer to-do this you could call it! I would hate to see the season pass by without doing at least a couple things on this list, and I implore you to make your own summer to do list!

1. Go Fishing - We have already gotten our fishing poles and tackle boxes, but I still need to order our license! We have a man-made lake in our neighborhood which we hardly ever visit, and so we though taking up fishing would help us get out more!
2. Go on a picnic- I am in love with my picnic basket my best friend got me last year, and I want to use it over and over this summer! (See our picnic post from last summer here.) 
3. Go to a waterpark - We plan on visiting Hawaiian Falls in Ft. Worth, Texas towards the end of July which we can't wait for! 
4. Go to an outdoor music concert- If you live in the Houston area, Conroe has free concert's in the park on the first Thursday of each month. Visit their Facebook page here for a schedule. There are also tons of events and music concerts for kids at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, TX. Check your local listings for free concerts because there are normally a ton in every community.
5. Take Swimming Lessons for- My husband is determined for Atlas to take swimming lessons this summer, and I am excited to splash around in the pool with him during classes. Now just to get it scheduled. I love this bright pool bag, and this pom pom one for our pool days this summer. Sooo cute!
6. Craft the perfect summer cocktail- I love summer drinks, but since I have no idea how to mix drinks I usually drink sparkling water with fruit mixed in. I want to craft the perfect summer drink this summer and this book is in my shopping cart on amazon to help me move in the right direction. 
7. Eat all the popsicles we want (and also try to make our own)- Atlas is going through at least a popsicle or two a day, and mommy may be snagging some as well. I want to try to make our own popsicles with these popsicle molds for a fun summer recipe to try. So stay tuned friends. 
8. Go Paddle-boarding- My husband and I went paddle-boarding on our honeymoon in Mexico and we have been wanting to go again ever since. I want to try and make an effort to schedule us a paddle boarding experience here on Lake Conroe. If you have never tried it, I definitely recommend paddle boarding. 
9. Visit a pretty beach- Unfortunately the closest beach we have in Texas is Galveston and it is honestly not that pretty. To celebrate my husband graduating from school we hope to take a trip to Destin, Florida to see the white beaches. So excited! My favorite beach blankets are mexican style blankets, and I love this one from amazon. The teal colors are right up my ally. 
10. Do a home DIY project- I have so many home projects I want to do like make a plant stand on my patio (they are currently all on the floor) and re-paint or build a new kitchen table to name a few! The projects are never ending but I hope to get at least one done this summer. 
11. Drink more water- I am on the fruit and water craze right now, and really want one of these water infusers. My husband is always on me to drink more water, and so I've made it a goal of mine to drink more water this summer. 

Below are some of my favorite must haves for summer adventures, so check them out if you have plans to take a few adventures this summer. What do you have planned for this summer?  I'd love to hear about your summer plans in our comments below or tag me on Instagram. 


Nichole Rae


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