Our Father's Day with A Nowvel Photobook

Our Father's Day morning this year consisted of breakfast in bed for daddy, playtime with Atlas and our very own personalized Nowvel photo book as the perfect Father's Day gift.  I actually won the Nowvel photo book via an Instagram giveaway they were holding and I am so glad I did because I have become a new customer for life. Our photo book turned out so beautiful and captured so many sweet moments between the three of us. It was the perfect Father's Day gift and I am so grateful to Nowvel for creating such a special keepsake for us. 

Our Father's Day weekend was surprisingly a little scary as my dad was rushed to the hospital after finding a blood clot in his leg on Friday afternoon. My parents are fairly young and the thought of spending Father's Day in the hospital this year never crossed my mind. Don't worry he is completely fine, but the point is you never know what could happen. Even if your parents are young be sure to live in the moment every chance you get with them. My parents are my best friends these days, and I appreciate being so close to them. It's nice spending evenings having coffee and sharing each holiday together. I'm lucky to have them so close and I'm so glad the scare turned out to be nothing a little medicine can't fix! 

After receipt of our lovely Nowvel photo book, I plan to get one for my parents and my in-laws to showcase some photos of them and Atlas together! Something I love most about Nowvel photo books is the modern design and quality cover they are made with. The design is flawless and we plan to display our photo book on the coffee table for all to see, which I'm thinking of doing a blog post about. You could easily stack several photo books for a simple and beautiful coffee table. Our coffee table has been in storage since Atlas was about one because he kept running right into it when he was learning to walk. Now that he is older, and can actually watch where he's going,  I think it's about time to pull out the coffee table again. This means lots of pretty coffee table books as well, one more thing my husband will never understand. :) 

I made my photo book via their website but they do have an iPhone app if you are interested in downloading it here to make a photo book straight from your phone. I have an Android HTC which they don't have an application for yet but I did hear they plan to launch one in the future, and their website is currently mobile friendly. I did have a little bit of trouble getting my photo book to save on the website, but I'm not sure if it was because of my internet signal or the software. I was able to connect directly with a customer service representative to help me post it to Facebook and then come back to have it printed when I was ready. It was great how responsive their team was, and with the result of the end product I will definitely create several of my own photo books again. I would say it took me about 1 1/2 to make my photo book, but I think that's mostly because I am a very detail oriented person and wanted my photos placed a certain way. I made our book so that is was in chronological order of the start of our family together, and so I had to place them myself. If I had went with the design the Nowvel software originally chose for me it would have taken a lot less time! You can see our full photo book I created here. Oh, one thing you might notice is that my book says 2015 on it, haha! I tried to get this corrected to 2016 but that was the way this particular template came. It didn't bother me that much, so I just kept it the way it was. 

Thank you Nowvel for making our Father's Day morning so special! I hope you get a chance to try them out and make your own special photo book.  Have a great day friends! 


Nichole Rae 

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