The Garden's of Joe T. Garcia's - Ft. Worth, TX

This weekend we went to visit Atlas's grandparent's in Ft. Worth, TX and had such an amazing summer night at Joe T. Garcia's in Ft. Worth, TX. It was our first time visiting the famous restaurant in the stockyards of Ft. Worth and I fell in love with the restaurant's gardens and beautiful atmosphere. I do have a few tips I'd like to share if you plan to make a trip with a toddler. Like anything else in life, planning a trip to a popular place with a toddler can end in disaster if not properly planned. To be honest if I had known some of these things prior I would have planned our trip better for a more relaxing Saturday evening. Atlas was the perfect little toddler, and the beauty of the gardens made everything all the better. I would go to Joe T. Garcia's again in a heartbeat, and here are a few tips for a perfect summer evening at the garden's of Joe T. Garcia's. 

1. If you go on a Saturday go later in the evening- We arrived at about 7:00pm and the line to sit on the outside patio was in-sane! So to avoid the line we ended up sitting inside which is still nice but crowded and can be load. We finished dinner at about 8:00pm and the line was minimal by the time we left. On weekends Atlas goes to sleep at about 10:00 and as long as he has a nap in between an 8:00pm dinner isn't too bad for us. If you have a similar schedule to ours I would recommend waiting a little later so you can eat in the beautiful gardens without waiting in a long line. 

2. Enjoy a margarita on the patio- If you do end up sitting inside grab a margarita at the outside patio bar before you are seated! The margarita's are delicious and there is plenty of room for you to walk around the gardens while sipping on your margarita with a little one. One was enough for me as the margarita's are fairly strong! 

3. Bring Cash- Something odd about Joe T. Garcia's is that they only accept cash! Weird I know, but smart if you ask me because they are saving a ton on credit card fees. They do have an ATM on site if you forget, but if your able to stop and get cash before you arrive. 

4. Be aware of the menu- Just so you are aware Joe T. Garcia's only has two plates on their menu; beef and chicken fajitas or enchiladas. We had the combo fajita plate and they were delicious. All 3 of us shared one plate and it was plenty of food! It comes with a huge serving a rice and beans with guacamole. It also comes with fresh made tortillas which were my favorite! If you have a picky toddler I recommend bringing some snacks for him as these are the only two plates available. Atlas is in love with rice right now, so he was a happy camper! 

5. Take a walk around the gardens before you head out- There are so many little corners of the gardens that are just lovely! Take a stroll after dinner around the gardens so you don't miss any inch of it. At night time the garden's are light up with white lights and makes the experience even more beautiful then when you first arrived! 

Those are my 5 tips for visiting Joe T. Garcia's with a toddler and I hope they are useful. You can pin this image to save our tips for the next time you are planning atrip to Ft. Worth, Texas! 

I wore a pair of white light weight linen trousers with a blue off the shoulder top and my white huarache flats from Lulu's! I've linked a similar styled outfit below, with my favorite Kate Spade mini handbag of course! 

I put Atlas in these adorable Bermuda shorts from Old Navy. They also come in this lion print which I love for a trip to the zoo! I paired it with them with a light blue linen blend shirt from Old Navy which I couldn't find online anymore, but I also love this linen blend shirt for little boys which comes in three colors, blue, mango and white. 

Shop our looks below and we hope you get a chance to visit Joe T. Garcia's soon! If you have any other tips for visiting a nice restaurant with a toddler I would love to hear from you in our comments section below! Have a great day everyone! 

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