Boho-Betty Bracelets

Boho Betty Bracelets

Today I have an exciting announcement about my new partnership with Boho-Betty Jewelry. Boho-Betty is a brand committed to creating a fashionable, high quality global inspired accessory line at affordable prices that you can wear every day.  Their designs are influenced from every corner of the world and have collections such as American Dreams, French Vogue, and Coral Reef. Boho-Betty is a fairly new company that launched in 2012 starting with bracelets and most recently launching into necklaces and earrings. My experience with their jewelry thus far has has been very impressive especially with the care they take in packaging the jewelry and the quality of the merchandise. I recently purchased four bracelets and have been wearing them for the past couple of weeks, and below I am showing you how I've recently styled them. Also keep reading for an exciting coupon code below! 

Boho Betty Bracelet

My first choice was the Pink Candy Dazzler Double bracelet because I love pink accessories, including my pink cluse watch and my pink Kate Spade handbag. I don't look good in pink clothes so I prefer to wear pink accessories to show off my feminine side. I love the Candy Dazzler Double bracelet because it is light weight and I don't feel it in my wrist. That feature goes for all the bracelets actually which I really love, I don't like to wear bulky jewelry and all of the Boho-Betty bracelets are very light weight and hardly noticeable on your wrist.

Jord Watch

My second choice was the Dordogne bracelet which is from the French Vogue line which I was immediately drawn to for obvious reasons. I love minimal jewelry and this bracelet is simple yet beautiful with a mixture of brown leather and a silver plated bar. I also picked out this piece specifically to go with my Jord wood watch and I love how they pair so well together. 

Boho Bracelets

My third choice was this white, taupe and silver beaded Peru Cuff Bracelet which is currently on sale for $27.00. I actually styled it together with the Dordogne bracelet. I love the neutral colors of the beads and this bracelet is perfect for fall. I also picked up this Sea Jade Single Wrap Bracelet which I haven't gotten to wear yet but I thought it would be pretty with blue and white beachy apparel. 

Now for the exciting part! You can save 20% with my code THETITANADVENTURE on the entire Boho-Betty shop. I hope you pick up something for yourself because you truly deserve it. 

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Boho Betty Bracelets

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