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During the holidays I always try to increase my efforts of giving back to others, and today I wanted to share about a local company here in Texas called HandUp Global Goods (HUGG) that is giving back each and every day.  I recently met the executive directive of HandUp Global Goods at a Lions Club Meeting and her presentation about HUGG inspired me to share about the company with all of my amazing readers! HandUp Global Goods is a non-profit organization seeking to empower young men living in the impoverished communities of Haiti to transform their lives and the lives of those around them. HandUp Global Goods sells fashion that feels good, and each handmade product purchased from HandUp provides fair wages to HandUp's artisans. Among the beautiful product you will find handmade bracelets and handmade necklaces all made by young men who have become true artisans with the support of HandUp Global Goods. 

The company's holistic development process provides jobs, spiritual development, financial literacy, and vocational training to young men transitioning out of orphanages, equipping them to become responsible workers, family members and community leaders. HandUp Global Goods believes the results extend beyond the individual men, and bring social and spiritual transformation to the families and communities with their spheres of influence. You can learn more about the goals of HandUp Global Goods here on their website

When I first shopped with HandUp Global Goods I was immediately drawn to the Eve bracelet. I loved the emerald green rope and the metallic silver chrome beads. I especially loved the details of this bracelet including the gold globe fastening the bracelet. It actually reminded me of Atlas which is something that gave me a personal connection. The Eve bracelet was my first purchase with the company and I can tell you I wear it every day. I also love it because I know that my purchase helped give back to empowering jobs and holistic development to young artisans in Haiti. Something I thought was really neat was that an artisan is featured on the tag of each bracelet sold. My bracelet featured Mackenson , and I got to read about his story which helped me connect with him on more personal level. You can read about the other talented artisans here and see the below photos of how HandUp Global Goods features an artisan on each bracelet. 

HandUp Global Goods sells most of their products to churches and non-profit organizations, but they hope to grow their brand and sell through their online channels to grow their reach and support more artisans in Haiti. You can follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website here.  If you are still looking for Christmas gifts this year, HandUp Global Goods products make lovely stocking stuffers or gifts and you can feel good knowing that your purchase is giving back to empowering young artisans in Haiti. Let's all give a gift that gives back! 

As a mom I hope to teach Atlas to purchase from companies who give back to others, and it is a goal of mine to try find ways to give back throughout the year.

How do you like to give back during the holiday season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and check out my favorite HandUp Global Goods Bracelets from their holiday collection below. If you get the chance I would love for you to visit HandUp Global Goods on Facebook and like their page! Thanks everyone! 

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