Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Dads & Toddler Boys

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Dads & Toddler Boys

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

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Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holiday's and today I'm sharing a list of my favorite Valentine's Day gift ideas for dads and toddler boys. I love to get my two boys something special to open on the morning of Valentine's Day before hubby leaves for work and Atlas heads to school.  As a child I remember waking up to a kitchen table filled with all kinds of Valentine's goodies and I always looked forward to it each year. My mom would always get us one small gift, a Valentine's card and a miniature box of chocolates. So sweet right! I am so excited to condition that tradition with Atlas and I even try to decorate our kitchen table for a little extra love! 

My husband and I always try to schedule a Valentine's Day date but it's normally not the day of. We prefer to go out when the restaurants aren't as busy, but we do make an effort to make a special date around the holiday.  My husband always tells me that Valentine's Day is a made up holiday by retailers, which he is probably right, but I just don't see the harm in giving a little extra love to those we care most about! Luckily my husband is a romantic so he does a really great job of making our Valentine's Day special. I tell him year after year not to buy me the giant stuffed animal teddy bear, but he never seems to listen! Last year he had a dozen red roses sent to my office and it was so sweet! There is just something so endearing about Valentine's Day and I look forward to celebrating it every year!  We should share a little extra love every day right! If I don't get to tell you on the day of, Happy Valentine's Day to you, and here are my top gift ideas for Dads and Toddler Boys this Valentines Day. 

For Dads 

Snuggle Candle- My hubs loves candles and I think they make great Valentines gifts! I found this once called Snuggle which has a Winter Mint smell and would be so sweet for V-Day!

Q&A Journal Book- For your husband or boyfriend I really love this Our Q&A Journal Book. It asks one question a day that both you and your partner write an answer for. An example of a question it asks is 'Where Would You Like To Travel With Your Significant Other.! I think its a great conversation starter and something I am really excited to give my hubby for Valentines! 

V-Day T-Shirt He Can Wear Again- I love finding cute t-shirts for my two boys, especially to wear on holidays! I found this one for my husband which says 'I Heart My Awesome Wife'!

Love Games For Your Hubby- Okay mamas, now more than ever is the time to spice up your love life! You know they will appreciate the effort and why not have a little fun with your man! Schedule a sleep over for your little one with the grandparents and spend some quality time with your husband with this Sexy Truth or Dare Game

Men's Wallet- It seems my husband is always in need of a new wallet, he wears them out so quickly! I think he would love this leather card holder wallet because he doesn't like to carry much in his pockets. I love the low cost and masculine gift box it comes in! 

For Toddler Boys

Loved T-shirt- For Atlas I found this Loved t-shirt perfect for Valentines day, but he can also wear it throughout the year.  

Bow Ties- Atlas looks simply adorable in bow-ties and I love this black and red one for Valentines Day! There is nothing cuter than a bow tie on a little boy so why not get your little guy a few this Valentines day. Here is a gift box set for a great deal! 

Valentine's Day Books- At the age of three Atlas is really into books right now. We read one each night before bedtime and so I have a couple of Valentines Day books on our Amazon wish list for the month of February. Some of my favorites are Happy Valentines Day Mouse and Llama Llama I Love You!

Boys Bath Bomb Set- All three of us love to take baths and we use bath bombs constantly. I found this bath bomb gift set for toddler boys on Amazon which I thought was so cute! There are some great colors in this gift set perfect for a little boy this Valentines Day.  

Valentine's Lego Set- How cute is this Lego Valentine's Cupid Dog Set! This is first on my list to get for Atlas because it would be a really fun activity for all of us to do together on Valentine's Day. 

Here are some photos of last years Valentine's Day morning! I love looking back and finding old pictures like these, they make me so happy and thankful that I remembered to take some pictures! 

That includes our list for dads and toddler boys! If you are looking for gift ideas specific to moms or baby girls check out Taylor Made Mama's blog post about First Valentines Day Gifts For Baby (and a few for mama)!  Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone! 

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