5 Tips For Visiting The State Fair of Texas With A Toddler

5 Tips For Visiting The State Fair Of Texas With A Toddler

Every fall we plan a trip to The State Fair of Texas in Dallas, TX.  This will be our third year to visit the state fair with our little Titan, and the older he gets the more fun we have! As a fairly new mother I have found that a trip to the fair, or a trip anywhere in fact, isn't always an easy walk in the park with a toddler. There is planning, worrying, and stressing, and then some more worrying, unless you plan properly! I do however want to acknowledge that I am always very impressed with how organized The State Fair of Texas is and the safety precautions that the function has in place, making the trip as easy as possible for us parents!  I always feel safe attending the fair with our son and I appreciate everything The State Fair does to continue their efforts year after year. After three trips to state fair with a toddler I think I am officially ready to give my 5 tips for visiting The State Fair of Texas with a toddler. Here are my 5 Tips for 'A Fun Fair Day' with some pictures of our state fair adventure for your enjoyment! 

1. Purchase Tickets in Advance- Lines for admission tickets at the state fair can be ridiculously long. So pre-purchase your tickets on-line or at your local Kroger. This will also help you save a few bucks which is always a good idea! You can also purchase a discounted ticket via the Dart Go Pass app, where you can purchase your state fair ticket and a dart pass. The dart will take you directly to the gates of the fair grounds. Your tickets for both the fair and Dart are kept on your phone- so no papers to keep track of either. Double plus! We had planned on taking the Dart rail from Ft. Worth, but we ended up using a free parking pass courtesy of our brother in-law! If you plan on taking the Dart with a toddler, email me about your experience as I would love to hear about it. We will keep a train ride on our list of adventures to take for next year! 

2. Bring a Stroller- I don't know if this is normal for other parents, but we never bring a stroller anywhere for Mr. Atlas. When we do take it, we end up not using it and instead pushing it around everywhere while chasing after a toddler. Atlas constantly wants to walk, and so the stroller often gets neglected.  We decided to try out the stroller for this trip, and brought along our Baby Jogger stroller (which I still love, by the way). We made the right decision, because our little titan ended up riding in the stroller for most of the trip, and even took a nap during our lunch break! I am so glad we brought the stroller and would definitely recommend not to forget it! 

3. Utilize Safety Measures at the State Fair - I was really excited to see some new safety measures put in place this year at the state fair. There are tables set up at the entrance of the fair for parents to fill out an identification tag for their little titans. This tag goes on the child's wrist, so if a child gets separated from a parent there is a way to contact them. Loosing my son in a crowd of people is on of my greatest fears, so as a parent I was very thankful to see this put in place by the fair.  There are also new sunscreen stations set up all through-out the fair grounds. One of the first things we said when we walked in was that we forgot the sunscreen, and then we turned a corner and saw the sunscreen station. I again was very appreciative that the state fair provided this accommodation!  

4. Bring Snacks For The Kids- Although there is an abundance of deliciously fried food at the state fair, which mom and dad will be eating a ton of, it may not be to the liking of your little titan! Atlas is still extremely picky and although we mostly love going to The State Fair mostly for the food, he just isn't into it just yet. We brought some of Atlas's favorites along with us so he could be plenty happy during our visit. Just pack a few favorites so your not totting around a large and heavy bag with you! 

5. Bring Friends or Family- We were able to enjoy our state fair trip with my sister in-law and her husband, and they were such a help with Atlas that I had to make this my 5th recommendation!  Having an extra set of eyes and hands is always so refreshing, and allows for your family to enjoy the experience even more. Great company makes the best of experiences, and we had such a blast with Kristyn and Angel that I think we'll keep them as our official state fair trip buddies! We just can't wait until they have their own little titan to tote around! 

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That concludes my 5 tips for visiting The State Fair of Texas with a Toddler! I hope these tips help or give you some ideas for your next fair adventure. There is one more weekend for the state fair which ends this Sunday the 18th. If you haven't been yet, don't let the stress of toting a toddler keep you from going! Utilize these tips and plan your trip to suit the needs of you and your family. If you have any additional ideas to share for enjoying the fair with a toddler please share them in our comments section below! We would love to hear from you! 

Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother 

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