5 Ways To Embrace Being A Boy Mom + Fall Plaid For Him

5 Ways To Embrace Being A Boy Mom + Fall Plaid For Him

Fall Plaid For HIm

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How cute are my boys in these matching father and son Old Navy flannel shirts! I have linked them for you above, and today I also wanted to share with you 5 ways to embrace being a boy mom. When I first became pregnant I had immediately hoped for a girl. I had her name picked out and was dreaming of buying mom and daughter matching outfits with lots of pink. Come to find out a couple months later, I was having a boy. The initial gender disappointment was real, however today I cannot express to you how much I appreciate being a boy mom and the joy I feel from having a son. I believe the joy is present no matter if you have a son or daughter, because as parents we love them just the same. 

I can admit that after 3 years of playing with dinosaurs, watching super hero movies, and finding my inner masculine style I do sometimes struggle with being in boy mode 24/7. I think this is an important topic because it is a challenge for many moms to have the same interests as our sons on an every day basis, and I hope I can bring some tips to other moms like me who sometimes struggle with embracing being a boy mom. I love all things girly and in a household full of boys I hardly get the chance to enjoy being a girl. This is a struggle, but one I am willing to work on because I love my boys so much! 

Here are 5 things I am doing to embrace being a boy mom: 

1. Coordinate Outfits for My Boys- Although I take every opportunity to coordinate my outfits with my son, retailers just don't make matching mom and son clothes like they do for moms and daughters.  I fill this void by coordinating outfits for my husband and son ! I came across a set of matching plaid shirts from Old Navy , which I am sharing the links at the end of this post, and I knew I had to have them for my husband and son this Fall. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know that Old Navy is a regular shopping destination for us. In fact I think the bulk of Atlas's wardrobe is from Old Navy. I just can't get over the stylish pieces for boys at affordable prices! Then to make it even better, I come across a matching father and son set. OMG, talk about cuteness overload!

2. Learn to Appreciate Things That Boys Love- Cars, super hero's, and everything in between. We spent the past weekend visiting family in DFW and were given a surprise visit by a family friend in his 1954 red Chevrolet truck. I can appreciate a beautiful truck like this, but I have to give a little extra effort to fall in love like my son and husband. As a mom blogger I did of course see it as the perfect photo opp!  I immediately pulled out my camera and asked my two boys to put on their new plaid shirts. Luckily they are both great sports, most of the time, and we got some really great shots with the Chevy.   I love when beautiful moments like this surprise you in an instant, and I couldn't have asked for better lighting, a better backdrop, or a more handsome set of my favorite two boys in the world. 

3. Make Friends With Other Boy Moms- I love getting together with other boy moms to chat about about the struggles of being a boy mom together. It's like this glorious moment that happens between the two of you, and your both like 'finally someone that gets me'! You can relate to the struggles of potty training a boy, picking out the next boy toy, or planning the next boy party with the help of throwing ideas back and forth with your other boy moms. 

4. Plan More Girl Time- Something I am working on is planning more girl time for myself, as I feel it is important to get a break from always being in boy mode.  There are only a handful of days each year when I go get my nails done, go see a girly movie, or hang out with some girlfriends at a local wine bar. It is important to take time for yourself so that you can embrace being a boy mom each and every other day. It is a goal of mine to plan one girl activity a month to get some much needed girl time in. 

5. Lean On My Husband- Being a boy mom is hard! I don't know about power rangers, or how to use the restroom like a boy, or when it is or isn't appropriate to style Atlas in slacks and a button up shirt. My husband is always reminding me to let Atlas be a boy! He likes to play outside, get dirty, and run around, and most times shorts and a t-shirt are best for him. I lean on my husband everyday to teach me the ropes of finding my inner boy, so I can better relate to the things my son loves. 

We plan on trying to have a daughter in the future, but in the meantime I am working extra hard to love and embrace everything there is about being a boy mom. I hope you found these tips useful and if you have any other advice to share, please leave your comments at the end of this post. Now for some cute photos of my boys with this beautiful Chevy truck. Special thanks to our family friend that brought it by to show us! 

Thank you so much for reading. If you are a boy mom, let us know how you embrace being a boy mom in our comments section below. If you have any other tips, please share them! Have a great weekend everyone! 

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5 Ways to Embrace Being A Boy Mom

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