How To Set A Simple Thanksgiving Table

How To Set A Simple Thanksgiving Table

Candle Pillars | white candles | pumpkins | Burlap Runner | porcelain turkey | succulent plant  | Faux gold leaves   White Card-stock  |White Napkin Set | White Dinnerware Set  Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers |Thanksgiving Pillow |White Sheepskin 

Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away and today I am sharing a simple Thanksgiving table setting that can be put together within 30 minutes. I hope all of the moms and dads out there enjoy a stress free Thanksgiving this year, and find some inspiration from this post. Luckily I still get to enjoy being the cook's assistant for Thanksgiving, and haven't yet experienced attempting to host Thanksgiving on my own. We are thinking of hosting a Friendsgiving this year and so I decided to practice my table setting strategy for our small home. I wanted something festive yet really simple and I love this end result. Here are my steps for a simple Thanksgiving Table and I hope they serve you well: 

1. DIY no-sew burlap runner-  I used about 1/2 a yard of burlap fabric that I already had in my craft box to create this burlap runner, and then I used a metallic gold sharpie to design the polka dot pattern on top. I made my runner 10"w x 54"l , but you will need to make your runner to fit the size of your table. Once you decide on the length and width you want, then use a piece of chalk to mark your shape and cut it out using a pair of scissors.  It is pretty easy to cut a straight line with burlap, because burlap is made with pieces of twine woven together. Just pick a line and follow it for a straight cut. At the ends of the runner I used my chalk and drew a two point flag shape to give a nice finish. Next you will draw the polka dot pattern on top, my polka dots are about 1/4" wide and I used a 2-3 pattern. You will use a ruler to create this pattern. Start at the end of the runner and measure one inch out from the edge, at two points next to the ruler you will draw a round polka dot. As my runner is 10" w, I drew my first dots at 3" and 7". Then I put another 1" between my first row of dots and created a second row with 3 dots at 1" , 5" and 9".  This pattern gives you about 2" between each dot, see below picture as an example. It doesn't have to be perfect as it is handmade! Have your little titan color next to you while you are creating your runner! 

2. Decide on a color palette- Now that your runner is made you can start decorating your table. You will want to start by selecting a color pallet. As my table is a mustard yellow, I am using shades of orange, white and gold for our table. 

3. Select a center piece- After you decide on a color pallet, next you will want to choose a simple center piece item that goes with your color story. We are using a porcelain white turkey dish that we purchased from Amazon. You could use a gravy dish, decorative bowl, large pumpkin, cake plate, or anything festive that you have available at your home. Put your item directly in the center of the table to create a base for your table. 

4. Fill in with your small pumpkins- Kroger sells a bag of white, orange, and orange stripe pumpkins or gords for $4.99 for a pack of 8. I am using five pumpkins of different variety of shape and color. I placed three at one side of my centerpiece, and two at the other in a zig-zag pattern. I did this because I wanted room for one succulent plant, or I would have put three on each end. 

5. Add a botanical- I always like to bring in some sort of living plant or flower to bring life to my table. For this table setting I placing one small succulent plant on one side of our table. I would have added two, one to each side, but I only had the one small succulent at home. You could also place a fresh herb plant, like rosemary or sage, to add a nice fragrance to your table. 

6. Place your candles- I like to use these short black pillars with white candle sticks for two reasons. One because they don't take up too much space and second because they don't draw away attention from my other decorations. Set one at each side of your table. I learned from my Uncle Dean to always include candles on your table to create a relaxing ambiance. My uncle Dean and Mark are the best at home stylists you could ask for. During my college years I learned many styling tips from them that I currently incorporate into my home. I cherish those memories I built with them, and the memories I have of their home still inspires me today! 

7. Dishware & Cutlery- I am partial to white dishware in our home, which I also picked up from my Uncle Dean.  He taught me that white dishes make your table setting look clean and also bring out the color and beauty of the food you prepare. I got my first white table setting from my parents last Christmas and I absolutely love it. We use them day in and out, for both casual and special occasions. I am using white tea cups to go with my table setting because I currently don't have any pretty water goblets or glasses, although they are on my wish list. For cutlery I am using a gold set that I inherited from my grandmother. I love using gold cutlery for special occasions! I think bringing something different to your table makes it special, because you don't often see it every day.  I am however a big believer in only keeping items that you use often, because what's the purpose of having beautiful things if you never use them! If you decide to keep gold cutlery, then be sure to use it often! Then add a set of cute salt and pepper shakers

8. Linens- I am using simple white handkerchief style napkins that were given to me by a friend last year. They are simple and cute with a slight bit of lace at one corner, perfect for any occasion. 

9. Decorate your plates- I like to place something in the middle of each plate for some added texture. Here I am using these gold leaves I got from Amazon. You could easily turn these into place cards but writing your guest's names on them with a black sharpie in the middle. I decided not to do this because I really liked how the leaves looked on their own. 

10. Make the table cozy- Add a sheepskin throw and some Thanksgiving pillows to your chairs to make the setting especially cozy. Now remember this is an adults Thanksgiving table, I would not put a pillow on a toddler table as it would more than likely be ruined. 

11. Make your 'Thankful For Tags' for the Pumpkins- When I was finished with my table I felt like something was missing. Thanksgiving is a time to share all that your are thankful for' so I decided to make some 'Thankful For Tags' for the pumpkins. I cut out a 3"w x 5"w piece of white card stock and then wrote in things I was thankful for. My "Faith", "Marriage", "Family" "Home" and of course little "Atlas" were some of the top things that came to mind. Sit with your little ones and create some tags representing what you are most thankful for, this can be a fun activity for the two of you. I used our gold marker to correlate with our color story, and then secured a toothpick to the back of the card with some decorative washi-tape. So simple and easy! Then I used a knife to make a small hole in my pumpkins and placed one tag in each pumpkin. Cute and simple! 

12. Enjoy- Share your table with your family and friends and enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving! 

That concludes our tips for creating a simple and easy Thanksgiving tablescape! I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to spending time with family and eating delicious food! My spirit will be with all my family members that I will not get to share the holiday with, if only we could all be together 100% of the time! I would love to see your thanksgiving tables if you want to share them with us by tagging @thetitanadventure on Instagram.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

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