10 Road Trip Essentials For Preschool Boys + Kidloland App Review & Giveaway

Families across the country will soon be getting ready to travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday. If your plans include driving, flying or taking a long train ride with preschool toddlers this coming week I have written this blog post in partnership with Kidloland Learning App just for you. We are not traveling for Thanksgiving this year, but we most recently made a trip to Ft. Worth, Texas and today I have rounded up my favorite Road Trip Essentials for Preschool Boys. 

During our road trip to Ft. Worth, TX this past month I was so happy to have received a 6 month subscription for the Kidloland Learning App for Atlas to play with during the four hour car ride. Kidloland is loved by kids under 5 years of age and is an app where kids can learn ABCs, animals, fruits, vegetables, shapes and more with the help of 700+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities. As a mother I am always looking for ways to enhance my sons screen time into learning opportunities and Kidloland is the perfect app for him. Among all of the interactive activities some of Atlas's favorites are the munching monsters which is a puzzle building activity, the colors activities, and he is really into the Christmas carol songs right now. Atlas gets so excited each time the app tells him he did a good job or completed an activity correctly, I thought that was really smart of the app because it entices him to keep playing.

Some of my favorite activities on the app are the alphabet activities, the numbers activities and the hand and eye coordination interactive puzzles. I have been very excited to see Atlas get so involved in the app and improve on the activities each time he used the app. There is a variety of easy to difficult activities which I really like because it gives us things to practice and improve on. For example, there is an activity where he has to connect the dotted numbers to finish the picture and he struggles with it. The activity teaches him to count his numbers and helps him with hand coordination.  Since this activity is a little harder it gives me the opportunity to help him practice. As a parent who struggles with teaching, Kidloland has the perfect templates set-up for parents to easily help teach their toddlers. I also love how bright and colorful the app is, and the design of the games and activities are fun and very interactive. I would say that even I look forward to playing the different activities with him. As a mom some other things I love about the app is that there are no ads and KidloLand has received several educational awards and is Kid’s Safe certified.

Atlas played with the learning app for a good 3 hours during our road trip, which is much better than him watching movies. I am very thankful for Kidloland sending us the 6 month subscription and I give it 5 out of 5 stars!  It is the perfect app to keep your preschooler entertained during your road trips this traveling season, and is also a great learning app while your at home. If you want to find out why other moms love Kidloland you can find other Kidloland reviews here

Before every road trip we pack Atlas's Patagonia backpack with his favorite road trip essentials, including our Ipad and Kidloland learning app. There are several other items we love to bring, and here is our list of 10 road trip essentials for preschool toddlers: 

1. Kidloland Learning App- which you can download at the following locations: IOSGoogle Play Store or Amazon Appstore . 
2. Usborne Sticker Books- Atlas loves stickers and we most recently got him a Diggers sticker book which is another interactive activity for him on the road. He loves diggers and trucks right now so it fits him perfectly. I want to get him this Atlas World sticker book for obvious reasons,  and I want to get him a Christmas sticker book for this December. 
3. CAT Digger Toys- Atlas loves these mini CAT digger toys and I love them too because they are mini are don't take up too much space in the car. 
4. Step Into Reading Books- We love the Step Into Reading Books for the road. They are light weight and help Atlas start learning how to read. We are at level 1 right now and have the Super Friends, The Good Dinosaur and this Digger Book
5. Wireless Headphones- We got Atlas these white wireless headphones last year for Christmas and they have been a life saver for road trips. It's nice that mom and dad can still have a conversation while Atlas enjoy's his songs and screen time. 
6. Fleece Blanket- Daddy likes to keep the car pretty chilly, so we always bring his red buffalo print fleece blanket for the road. 
7. Travel Pillow- We always bring a travel pillow for Atlas for him to use during his naps! We love and have this Donkey one by Critter! 
8. Toddler Boy Sunglasses- Atlas gets really sensitive from the sun in his face so he either has on a hat or his sunglasses
9. Travel Backpack- Atlas tots around a backpack everywhere to keep all of his toys and books with him at all times. He is so funny! We love his Patagonia backpack because it is the perfect size for him and has pockets out side to hold his water bottles and his sunglasses. 
10. Ipad- We love our new mini Ipad and it goes everywhere with us! 

Learn more about the app in this preview video! 

That completes our 10 Road Trip Essentials For Preschool Boys and I hope they serve you well during your travels this coming holiday season. Kidloland has very generously offered to giveaway a free 3 month subscription to 3 lucky readers and you can enter the giveaway through several different entry options below. Giveaway will close on November 21st and 3 winners will be selected at random and contacted directly by the Kidloland team. Good luck everyone!

Have you used the Kidloland app before?  Please share with us in the comments section below. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and have a great holiday season! 

Thank you to Kidloland for sponsoring this post! 


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