Texas Family Guide to Old Town Spring, TX

Texas Family Guide to Old Town Spring, TX

This past weekend we took Atlas on a trip to Old Town Spring in Spring, TX, which is just 45 minutes north of Houston. We weren't sure if Old Town Spring would be a good family adventure for us as we had heard of cute boutique shops and restaurants, but were skeptical of it being a good spot for kids. We were completely wrong and I am so glad we made the trip to Old Town Spring because we had such a fun day together.  In today's post I am excited to share our favorite stores and restaurants to visit with children and I hope you get the chance to visit one day. 

We arrived at Old Town Spring around noon on Saturday and headed straight to Puffabelly's Restaurant for lunch. Puffabelly's is a restaurant built to resemble the original railroad depot and has great character and ambiance. The restaurant sits right next to the railroad tracks just like a old railroad depot would and you can hear and watch the trains go by. We saw two trains pass while eating our lunch and Atlas was so thrilled. He is really into trains right now so it was the perfect spot for us to have lunch. Puffabelly's has a great menu with hamburgers, shrimp and catfish, and good old American food. I had the grilled lemon peppered catfish and shrimp and I am looking forward to going back to have this specific meal again. The restaurant also has peanuts at every table which I think is a great past time for a toddler at restaurants. I don't know why but Atlas loves to take his time to peal open the peanuts, and I find it is very entertaining for him. Speaking of entertainment be sure to bring a ton of quarters with you because Puffabelly's has a hand crafted electronic train station built inside their lobby for the kids to play on. It is really neat and Atlas took a couple rounds driving the train. This restaurant is truly unique and a great way to start out your tour of Old Town Spring. 


After lunch we walked up to the boutique stores and first stopped at the Jitterbug Boutique which is a children's clothing boutique. They had the cutest clothes for both toddler boys and girls and I picked up a little cupcake purse for my niece Madison Rose. I can't wait to give it to her, it is just darling. 

We made our next stop at The Hat People which is a famous hat store that has been providing hats to stores like Neiman Marcus for the past 30 years. They have just about any hat you can imagine from boater hats, to cowboys hats, to fedoras and lovely sun hats.  They specialize in hand made derby hats which are so beautiful. I told my husband that we need to go to the Sam Houston Race Park for Kentucky derby so that I can go back and pick out one of their derby hats. While walking around Old Town Spring, Atlas kept saying 'toys, mom toys" and so we walked around all of Old Town Spring looking for a toy store and we stumbled upon one of the neatest toys stores we have been to called Why Not Toys. It reminded me of the amazing toy stores you see in the movies but not in real life. I was so glad we found the cozy cottage and it was stuffed with the most unique toys from floor to ceiling. We spent at least an hour playing with all the toys, and Atlas finally decided on yet another dinosaur. I don't know how many dinosaurs this kid needs but they are one of our favorites. 

After the toy store we hunted for ice cream and found Ellen's cafe which has hand dipped ice cream, smoothies, homemade fudge and a lunch menu of sandwiches, quiches, soups and salads. Ellen's has a lovely patio and if it weren't 95+ degrees we would have sat outside. I look forward to Fall so we can sit under the blue umbrellas with coffee and homemade fudge, mmmm sounds lovely! Upon entering the cafe you are greeted by the cutest little parlor to the left and a sitting restaurant to the right. We each picked out an ice cream cone and sat in the parlor to eat our ice cream while listening to Frank Sinatra. The atmosphere of Ellen's makes you feel as if you are in the 1950's and the aroma of the roasted pecans and almonds is heavenly. I don't think we will ever leave Old Town Spring without visiting Ellen's cafe, it is a must and I am so glad we stumbled upon it. 

While talking with the waitress at Ellen's she recommended we check out Bear Custom Leather before we head out for the day. We strolled through the cozy cottages of Old Town Spring toward the other side and new exactly when we got to Bear Custom Leather because of the giant bear on the front porch, Atlas was so excited! My husband is looking for a custom wallet with his badge number and Bear Custom Leather has created some beautiful pieces out of genuine leather. The couple that runs the store are so nice and we plan to order my husband a wallet as soon as we know his permanent badge number. 

We strolled back toward the car after visiting Bear Custom Leather,  honestly because we were dripping with sweat and a little over heated. We could have stayed longer because there were so many shops we didn't get to visit. I want to check out the Old Town Spring Tasting Room for a special date night with hubby and I also want to have a salon day at The Indigo Hair Salon. The quaintness of Old Town Spring was so special and I can't wait to go back. 

That completes our family guide to Old Town Spring and I hope you enjoyed it. My husband said to me, "We have lived in Houston for three years and I don't know why we have never been here." It is honestly that special and the shop owners are so personal and friendly, it makes you feel as if you were going back in time for a day. 

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Until our next adventure, 

A Titan's Mother

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